Why Tatiana Maslany Should Have Won an Emmy

Sabrina Petrafesa ‘18 / Emertainment Monthly Executive Publisher
Tatiana Maslany has finally gotten an Emmy nomination for Orphan Black after three seasons. Even though she is more than deserving, she did not get the coveted win and here’s why she should have won.

Tatiana Maslany in Orphan Black. Photo Credit: Jan Thijs/BBC America.
Tatiana Maslany in Orphan Black. Photo Credit: Jan Thijs/BBC America.
  1. She literally plays everyone

Over the course of three seasons, Maslany has played ten distinct characters, even a transgender man. More often than not she’s by herself playing these intense characters and delivering serious lines to a tennis ball. Her characters even play other clones, and Maslany never loses that clone’s personality.

  1. She is easily the hardest working actor on television right now

Maslany has whole scenes where many of her characters are in that same scene. Which means hours of being one character, then hours of becoming the next character, and repeating the process. One scene takes days to film if there are enough clones in it.

  1. Improvisation

This woman gets so excited when you bring up improv it’s adorable. She’s also very good at it and improvises on set, not often but she does it and does it well. She has even worked with the props department in the past to enhance a scene with something that isn’t necessarily in the script.

  1. This is her first nomination after three years

Obviously someone somewhere made the mistake of not nominating her earlier. It took three consecutive seasons of Tatiana Maslany playing ten characters for the Academy to finally recognize her talent. The belated nomination should have been rewarded with a win.

  1. Humblest person ever

There is not a more deserving actor. Whenever she gets praise she immediately deflects it to her cast mates, to her crew, and to the writers and directors. She’s so kind and not a single person who has ever worked with her has a bad word to say about her. She is so deserving of this award, and it’s so disappointing that she didn’t win.
Still, there’s always next year! Fans will still be rooting for Tatiana to win.

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