BioWare Brings Inquisition to an End with a Stellar Epilogue: Trespasser DLC Review

DJ Arruda ‘16 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

(c) Bioware
(c) Bioware

With almost one year gone by since Dragon Age: Inquisition’s launch, the game’s narrative finally comes to a close with an epilogue-only DLC. While the first two DLCs, Jaws of Hakkon and The Descent, fleshed out the lore and offered new equipment and environments, they ultimately were lacking the narrative drive of the main story. Trespasser is the DLC that everyone was waiting for, resolving the cliffhanger at the end of the base game, while also leaving more for the next game in the series. Taking place two years after the end of Inquisition, the Inquisitor is summoned to the Exalted Council at the Winter Palace to discuss the future of the organization with representatives from Ferelden and Orlais, as well as the Divine herself. The player’s choice in the latter matter, as well as some of the other missions play a part in the DLC, with the most important changes based on what happened with companions.

(c) Bioware
(c) Bioware

In addition, the patch before the DLC released a wardrobe for changing the Inquisitor’s casual outfit while at Skyhold, as well as the “Golden Nug,” a new game plus of sorts which allows post-ending Inquisitor’s to sync their collectibles with their account and transfer them to other save files. Though not a true new game plus, it is a great addition, and one that was unexpected. Abilities have been switched to make the game more balanced and freshen up combat which may have become stale for some players. Also, the DLC itself adds Trials, new modifiers to difficulty which add more challenge but also rare loot rewards. Ranging from making enemies all be the same level as the player and health potions healing only 1 health point to companion’s disapproval doubling in value and resetting focus upon fast traveling or resting, they breathe new life into the game for those looking to once again start over with the entire set of DLC in hand.

(c) BioWare

Inquisition was amazing, with so much riding on it, and though there are many issues which have been discussed since launch, overall it was an impressive title, and still is. With BioWare’s focus turning to Mass Effect: Andromeda, it is unlikely we will see Dragon Age 4 until after that game launches. But the end of Trespasser clearly sets up where the sequel will take place, and with the success of Inquisition, it would be truly surprising if the fourth title did not get greenlit. For now, though, players can finally bring an end to their Inquisitor’s arc, and find many answers as well as a few more questions. Until the next trip to Thedas, this is a strong note to end on.



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