NYCC 2015: Teen Wolf EP Jeff Davis Envisions “Six Seasons and a Movie”

Michael Moccio ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Editor-in-Chief
“Six seasons and movie” has been the battle cry of Community fans, but it looks like it’s also on Jeff Davis’ mind as well. After their rousing New York Comic Con panel, the Teen Wolf crew met with members of the press to give more insight on the next season of Teen Wolf and its ultimate future.
“We always joke about six seasons and movie, so we’ve thought about what a movie would look like,” Executive Producer Jeff Davis. “They keep threatening more seasons! They’ve said, ‘Well, if it gets to Season 7, 8, 9…’ and I was like, ‘What?’ We don’t really have an end game planned. Tyler Posey and I have talked about it. We always imagined Teen Wolf to end with ‘The adventure continues…’ I think Joss Whedon did a great job with that in Angel.”
That wasn’t the only praise for Whedon’s work from Davis. On the evolution of TV shows, Davis says, “It’s hard to do. As writers, you want to try new things and give the fans the same thing to know. I think most TV shows have to change at some point and become a little different. We’re on the fifth season of the show, there are things you’d never think would happen that have happened. Buffy did things that were amazing. No one saw anything as dramatic as The Body and if you just watched the first season, you wouldn’t have expected that to come along at all.”
“I never imagined we’d get to the 75th episode,” Davis confessed. “We were just shooting it yesterday. It’s mindboggling to think we’re at this point and still have stories to tell. There’s more to come this season.”
“We’re stretching high school out as long as possible,” Davis said with the length of the story. “If they decide to continue on, I don’t think I’ll survive past six seasons. I can easily see Dylan Sprayberry taking center stage as the new teen wolf, but we’ll see. I try not to make any future predications.”
At the panel, Davis made the announcement that Chris Argent and another Argent family member would make a return. “We’re not done with the Argent backstory yet,” Davis said in the press room. Since the Argents and the Hales were so intertwined in previous seasons, he also spoke to the Hale’s backstory in that, “I don’t know about the Hales [backstory]—it all depends. We’ve talked about bringing Alicia Coppala as Talia Hale.” On the subject of returns, Davis had more insights to give: “We haven’t had any talks about bringing Colton Haynes back,” Davis said in response to a question about Haynes’ absence on Arrow. As for Sheriff Stilinski, “Linden’s one of my best friends. He’s never leaving the show.”
“There’s a bunch of things I’m looking forward to,” said Davis on the next half of Season 5. “As you see in the trailer, Deucalion is back and I’m looking forward to show what his new role is. There’s a scene we shot at Vasquez Rocks in California, which is the very famous location where Star Trek shot one of their alien planets. We shot out there and it’s a really fun scene and I’m excited to have people see it.”
“There aren’t any new big characters [for this season],” revealed Davis. “We’re taking it as a full story arc. For Season 6, we’re going back to 10 and 10. There will, however, be additional foes for the pack—what we call the Beast. You’ll also see a couple of Satomi’s pack—and hopefully her, too—this season.”
Davis described this season as the “Clash of the Titans” season, especially with regards to Deputy Parrish. “We’re very happy to have Ryan on set more. The Hellhound and the Banshee are two harbingers of death. There’s going to be a lot of Ryan Kelley next season. The Hellhound is a protector. We’re doing a big flashback episode,” David said. “It’ll be Episode 18. There’s a big flashback and I can’t tease too much.”
Parrish has been a fan favorite, and theories had been circulating widely before the big reveal. Davis confessed that he keeps up with fan theories. “I love seeing when fans get it,” he said. “I think I clicked on an article where someone said Parrish has to be a Hellhound and here’s why. I love that the fans are so active and so thoughtful. It’s amazing to have that kind of engagement.”
Be sure to catch Teen Wolf at its new time, 9 PM, premiering January 5. Check out the trailer for the next season here on MTV’s website.

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