Review: 'Oscar’s Hotel' "Death's Hotel"

Jacob Kornfeld ‘19 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Fan Art of Oscar's Hotel. Source: Deviant Art
Fan Art of Oscar’s Hotel. Source: Deviant Art
“Hey, by the way, can you milk me?” As this quote might suggest, this week’s episode of KickThePj’s web comedy series Oscar’s Hotel For Fantastical Creatures is perhaps the most bizarre and zany thus far. The plot of “Death’s Hotel” revolves around Oliver(Chris Kendall), protagonist and human nephew, tragically slipping on a rouge banana, which results in his death. This brings him to the Box-World-After-Life, where he’s unwelcome by Box Death (Olan Rogers) and his half goat box-mate Seksiman(Rob Michael Hugel).
Box Death (Olan Rogers). Source:
The highlight of this episode is the great comedy coming from both the writers and the fantastic actors. Box Death’s bored, ignorant, and vindictive office-boss character is so well executed that every scene he’s in is a joy to watch! And as for Seksiman: everything about our favorite half goat box-roommate is comedic gold! This episode is recommendable just for the purpose of watching him say things. Additionally, Oliver’s comedy and acting has noticeably improved from the previous episodes.
The set design is also a step up from last week’s relatively bland, empty, white sets. True to its name, the Box-World-After-Life is completely made up of boxes. The clipboards, the lamps, and even Box Death’s facial are all made of cardboard. This set must have been incredibly tough to put together, which calls for major kudos to the production designers and members of the art team.
Sexman and Oscar. Source:
Seksiman(Rob Michael Hugel) and Oscar(Chris Kendall). Source:
The costume pieces in this episode are a mixed bag. While major characters such as Box Death and Seksiman feature highly detailed and well put-together garb, many of the background characters’ costumes left something to be desired and were not realistic or well-made.
This week’s episode is the best one at this point in the series and cements its status as a show to be recommended.
Episode Rank: A+

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