#GirlLove: Superwoman Speaks Against Girl-on-Girl Hate

Cornelia Tzana ‘17 / Emertainment Monthly Comic Books Editor

Source: Lily Singh Tour
Source: Lily Singh Tour

Lilly Singh, more commonly known as the YouTuber Superwoman, is well known for her love of unicorns, her t-shirt/sweater/hat references, and her “parents.” But perhaps the one thing she is best known for–because it oozes out of every single one of her videos and vlogs–is her seemingly unending positivity.

Superwoman constantly advocates for “one love,” as she says at the end of all her uploads. Whether it is a video to motivate her viewers or her ranting about different types of people, she always finds a way to make the audience smile. Therefore, it was no surprise that she was the one to start #GirlLove, a social media campaign that advocates against girl-on-girl hate.

84 % of Superwoman’s subscribers are female, meaning that over six million women worldwide watch her videos. Singh decided to use her reach to talk about girl-on-girl hate, an issue she has personally seen occur during her travels, shows, and school speeches. She is very passionate about the issue, which she states in her personal vlog channel. All the proceeds from the video will go to the Malala Fund, a fund that advocates for safe and quality education for all girls.

Her video announcing the campaign was released on December 28, 2015, and is a collaboration that includes other well-known women, many of which are YouTubers themselves. Names such as Lindsey Stirling, Coleen Ballinger (famous for her Miranda Sings persona), the “Holy Trinity” of YouTube (aka  Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, and Mamrie Hart), and Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell made their appearances to speak against women hating on other women, talk about the women who inspire them, and support #GirlLove.

“Girl-on-girl hate is fueled a lot by jealousy. When you’re jealous of someone, it actually means you want something they have, which is kind of the same exact thing of when you admire someone. So instead of being jealous of someone, admire what they’re doing,” said Mamrie Hart, author of You Deserve A Drink.

“We’re not each other’s enemies, we are each other’s allies,” noted Stirling. 

“If we took that energy that girls use to hate on people and we turn it into love and support, imagine what we could accomplish in this world,” added Ballinger.

The campaign has caught the attention of major news sources in Canada and the United States, and celebrities like Priyanka Chopra have also participated in social media

Superwoman will announce the final amount of money that will be given to the Malala Fund on her Instagram account in thirty days. You can support the cause by sharing her video and using #GirlLove on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to give a shout out to women who inspire and pave the way to “one love.”





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