Romance Across the Genre

Allyson Floridia ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

February is the month of love and what better way to celebrate than by reading a romance novel? Below is a list of ten romance novels across the genre, from military romance to paranormal to contemporary to erotic.

Melt into You
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1. Melt into You by Roni Loren

Evan fell in love with Jace when she was sixteen. After their one night together, she runs away with a terrible secret. Twelve years later, the two reunite, but this time, Jace is bringing a friend. Jace and Andre are experienced dominants in BDSM and are known for sharing women.  Andre, though, is harboring feelings that could completely change their relationship.

My Sunshine
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2. My Sunshine by Catherine Anderson

In this contemporary western novel, a dedicated veterinarian falls in love with a former environmental scientist. Due to a swimming accident, Laura now battles aphasia, a brain injury that affects her ability to read, write, and speak. Anderson writes a sweet romance with realistic characters. This novel is a part of the Coulter-Harrigan series and features other characters with disabilities.

Midnight Action
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3. Midnight Action by Elle Kennedy

Noelle Phillips is an ice-cold assassin. Betrayed at seventeen by the man she trusted with her darkest secrets, Noelle vows never to love again. Jim Morgan, the soldier who broke her heart, returns nineteen years later in need of her help. They must work together to save each other and Noelle must decide if she can forgive past mistakes.

The Hawk
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4. The Hawk by Monica McCarty

Charming, outrageous, and a total lady’s man, Erik “Hawk” MacSorley always gets what he wants. He also happens to be an elite member of the phantom guard, a compilation of the best warriors in warfare handpicked by Robert the Bruce to fight Scotland’s battle against England. When Ellie accidently overhears a private conversation about the Bruce’s plans, she is taken hostage. Knowing she can’t tell Erik her true identity, she lies and says she’s a nursemaid rather than the daughter of a powerful lord. As they fall in love, Ellie’s secret looms above them.

Dark Wolf
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5. Dark Wolf by Christine Feehan

In a world with filled with vampires, werewolves, and dragon-shifters, two fated lovers must fight for survival. Dmitri is part Carpathian, part Lycan. Skylar is his mate. But before they can be together, Skylar must rescue him from death. All the while, the hate between Carpathians and Lycans grows stronger.

He Loves Lucy
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6. He Loves Lucy by Susan Donovan

In this romantic comedy, Lucy is forced to participate in her company’s newest venture: a televised weight loss program taught by a personal trainer from Miami’s hottest fitness club. The first time she meets Theo, she chokes on a handful of Milk Duds. After that, Lucy begins her journey toward self-love and acceptance.

The Understatement of the Year
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7. The Understatement of the Year by Sarina Bowen

Michael Graham and John Rikker used to be best friends until a dare at summer camp turned their relationship on its head. Graham now plays hockey for Harkness College. He’s a notorious player, but in deep denial over his sexual orientation. Rikker is the first college hockey player to come out. He’s hoping to make a fresh start at Harkness, but facing Graham again may make this goal impossible.

Holding Strong
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8. Holding Strong by Lori Foster

Denver Lewis is an up and coming MMA fighter. Despite his tough exterior, he’s respectful and tender to those he cares about. Cherry Peyton is a confident woman who likes to flirt. Their one night together is ruined when Cherry’s past comes back to bite her. She doesn’t have to worry though because Denver will protect her even if he has to fight dirty.

Home Fires
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9. Home Fires by Luanne Rice

Anne Davis is devastated. Her daughter passed away, her marriage fell apart, and she doesn’t know what to do. Upon returning to her hometown, Anne awakes to a fire. Though she escapes the house, she rushes back in to save an incredibly precious item. The scarred firefighter who rescues her is awed and astounded by her actions. They start a tenuous relationship, working together to overcome loss and love again.

Waiting for Yesterday
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10. Waiting for Yesterday by Jenny Lykins

Barrett Overbrook’s life is falling apart. In an attempt to get away, she checks into a roadside B & B. When she falls asleep, Barrett assumes all of her worries will be waiting at her door. Instead, she wakes to find herself in the middle of having a baby. She’s also 110 years in the past. As she adjusts to a new time and finds herself falling in love, she’ll have to decide where, or rather when, home is.

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