Top 5 Underrated Ed Sheeran Songs

By Hannah McKeen ‘19 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

 British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran. Photo Credit: Chauffeur Dublin, 2014.
British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran. Photo Credit: Chauffeur Dublin, 2014.
Ed Sheeran is nothing short of brilliant. He has fans all around the world entranced by his intimate lyrics and fluid vocals. He is known for his love songs like “Thinking Out Loud,” “Give Me Love, and “Kiss Me,” but it is time to shed light upon some of his earlier releases. The following songs may not have climbed the Billboard charts, but they still deserve some recognition. If you’re a Sheerio and aren’t familiar with the songs below, get ready to fall in love all over again.

One Night

“Tell her that I love her

Tell her that I need her

Tell her that she’s more than a one-night stand

Tell her that she turns my cheeks the color of my hair

All I wanna do is be near”

Slipping in a reference to his ginger hair…what more could you ask for? Released in 2010 off of Loose Change,“One Night” has to be the best Ed Sheeran song of all time. He keeps the song moving at a brisk pace as he flawlessly transitions between rapping a verse and singing the chorus. This melody is incredibly catchy. The sense of desperation in these lyrics is identifiable to a broad audience because everyone feels that yearning for another person, but not everyone is brave enough to sing about it. Sheeran confidently sings about anything he feels and knows no boundaries with his lyrics.

Fire Alarms

“We were young and we were foolish, school books in our arms

Dodging homework, dodging classes to set off fire alarms”

This gem comes off Songs I Wrote With Amy, released in 2010. The Amy referred to in the title is Amy Wadge, a British singer/songwriter who has co-written many songs with Sheeran. Most famously, she co-wrote “Thinking Out Loud” which won a Grammy for song of the year. The playful guitar chords that open this song establish a childlike aura that is reflected in the lyrics. Sheeran reminisces about his grade school days and the innocence of childhood crushes. Behind Sheeran’s vocals, Wadge lightly harmonizes during the chorus, which is special because Sheeran rarely uses outside artists for the harmonies. The addition of a female vocalist sets the childlike mood as the song depicts a boy and a girl chasing each other around the schoolyard.


I haven’t slept for the past week two hours ain’t enough for me

I feel inspired, at quarter to three AM.”

“Homeless” is a recollection of the start of Sheeran’s career and was released in 2011 on the EP Loose Change. Before he was performing at the Grammys and in stadium shows, Ed Sheeran was a musical nomad from 2008-2010. There were times when he would sleep outside Buckingham Palace after playing a show and those nights inspired him to write this song. It is inspiring how Sheeran took this less-fortunate part of his career and transformed it into a catchy melody while recalling all of his sleepless nights. You can hear that classic Sheeran charm as his voice dances from line to line. This song highlights Sheeran’s honesty in his storytelling which has led him to become so popular across the globe. He is a guy with a heart of gold, ready to sing about anything and everything that he has experienced.  

Be Like You

And I’ll squeeze into a dress so I can be like you

And then I’ll see your bitterness and why you’re leaving too

“Be Like You” is the male version of Beyoncé’s “If I Were A Boy”. If people want to start considering Sheeran as the male version of Queen Bey, I’d totally be okay with it. The vocal quality is simple and raw because you can hear slight voice cracks. Sheeran isn’t in it for the precise cut-offs or layered vocals, all he needs is a mic to tell his story however he pleases. You can hear the love he has for this girl in his voice, and that makes “Be Like You” even more personal and beautiful. This song was first released on You Need Me in 2009, and never really got the attention it deserved. Now is the time to check out Sheeran’s older releases and see how great his lyrics were, far before he stepped into the limelight.


“There’s a firefly loose tonight

Better catch it before it burns this place down”

For all of you out there with a sleep playlist, add “Firefly” to the list ASAP. Sheeran’s hushed voice sounds like a whisper to his lover and almost convinces the listener he’s singing directly to them. When you close your eyes and listen to Sheeran’s soft and quick guitar strumming, you can picture a firefly beating its wings. This song was first released on Loose Change in 2010, and is still a favorite six years later. The lyrics in this song paint a picture of a starry night, filled with beautiful fireflies illuminating the atmosphere. Even at its height, Sheeran treats this song like a beautiful lullaby because there is no belting or fierce guitar playing. Sheeran’s ability to personify that situation through the sole power of his voice and a guitar is incredible.

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