Ten Female Characters We Want To See During 'Arrow' Season Five

Nora Dominick ‘17/ Emertainment Monthly Co-Executive Stage Editor
With season five of Arrow beginning production yesterday, the new season will be here before you know it. With an ever expanding DCTV universe and more characters slated to join season five, Arrow is growing more than ever before.
Recently reported, Madison McLaughlin will be re-joining Arrow season five as Artemis and Carly Pope is slated to appear as a new reporter in Star City, the female presence on Arrow appears to (finally!) be growing. With only two main female cast members, Emily Bett Rickards and Willa Holland, left after season four, Arrow needs some fresh-female faces to be added to the ever expanding universe.
According to USA Today and with data provided by Nielsen this past November, the average audience member who tunes in to watch Supergirl every week is almost completely equal in terms of gender parity. In terms of Arrow, 58% of viewers are male and 42% of viewers are female, and that number is growing. In the same USA Today article, Brad Adgate, an analyst at the ad firm Horizon Media, says “There is such a limited supply of female superheroes, it would be very appealing for women to watch… [A show that can] attract both genders, a dual audience, bodes well for its success.”
With a growing Arrow female fan base in mind, Emertainment Monthly has decided to round up the top ten female characters we want to join or see more of during Arrow season five.
Check out the full list below!

10. Arrowette

Suzanne “Cissie” King-Jones is the second reincarnation of Arrowette following in the footsteps of her mother. Her mother is the original Arrowette while her father has never been identified, however there is speculation he could be Green Arrow. Cissie’s time spend as Arrowette includes fighting with the Young Justice team. After her school therapist, one of the few adults who Cissie trusted, is brutally murdered, Cissie tracks down the killers in a violent rage. She nearly kills one of them herself, but is stopped by Superboy. Cissie is shaken by the incident and vows never to be Arrowette again.
Her addition to Arrow would add another female character to Team Arrow. She could be a helpful vigilante that swings into Star City once in awhile. Arrowette could also be a good confidant for Thea Queen now that Laurel (Katie Cassidy) was killed last season.

9. Wildcat

Wildcat is introduced briefly in season three of Arrow through the character of Ted “Wildcat” Grant (J.R. Ramirez). Wildcat could be re-incarnated through the character of Yolanda Montez. As a child, Yolanda manifests her superhuman powers, but is unaware that her mother was given experimental drugs during her pregnancy. In the comics, Yolanda grows close to her godfather, Ted Grant, who is the mysterious Wildcat. She later assumes the identity to honor Ted after he is crippled. As the second Wildcat, Yolanda joins Infinity Inc. and fights alongside them. She stays with the team until it’s disbanded.
This new introduction to the character would be a great way to re-introduce the Wildcat mantel. She could be trained by Ted and later help the Green Arrow fight crime in Star City. Plus, adding a strong, Latina to the core cast would further the diversity on Arrow.

8. Misfit

Charlotte “Charlie” Gage-Radcliffe first begins as a wannabe Batgirl before assuming the identity “Misfit.” When Barbara Gordon attempts to stop her from this dangerous line of work, she quits the Batgirl mantle, adopts the identity “Misfit” and uses her powers for good. Charlie uses her super strength, teleportation and accelerated healing to help others. Misfit most notably uses her powers to spy on the Birds of Prey. She admires the group of female crimefighters. Eventually The Birds agree to act as a surrogate family for Charlie. Later, Charlie leaves The Birds and appears as a member of Wonder Woman’s all-female superteam.
Charlie would be a great addition to Team Arrow and possibly have a great dynamic with Thea and/or Felicity (Rickards).

7. Donna Smoak

Donna Smoak (Charlotte Ross) played a much larger role in Arrow season four, appearing in nine episodes. She was first introduced in season three during Felicity’s backstory centric episode “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak.” From here, Donna Smoak charmed her way into the hearts of Arrow fans as she helps to define Felicity’s past. This past season, Donna earned her own storylines opposite Felicity’s father, Noah (Tom Amandes) and Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne). When season four ended, Donna and Quentin are seen driving into the sunset leaving Star City behind, for now.
Although Ross told us that there is no current plan to bring Donna back for season five, she hopes she can continue with the character. Ross says, “On a personal level, I’m definitely not ready to walk away from this character and particularly, everyone in the cast and crew that I love so much as they have truly become my family so…time will tell…” Donna and Quentin’s relationship is a great addition to Arrow and Ross’ work opposite Rickards continues to be perfect. Here’s hoping more “SmoaknLance” and Smoak Ladies storylines come our way in season five.

6. Vixen

Vixen first came to life last year during a web-series on CW Seed. Vixen follows Mari McCabe (Megalyn “E.K” Echikunwoke), who inherits her family’s Tantu Totem after her parents are killed in Africa by local corruption. In doing so, she gains the powers of the animal kingdom and uses them to fight as Vixen. Mari made her way to Star City during season four of Arrow in order to help Oliver (Stephen Amell) rescue his kidnapped son.
It was recently announced that DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will tackle a new iteration of Vixen, Amaya Jiwe, the grandmother of the present-day Vixen. The Originals star Maisie Richardson-Sellers will take on the series regular role. According to Variety, Echikunwoke schedule didn’t allow her to join Legends of Tomorrow season two, however with a show focused on time-travel this was the perfect way to avoid recasting. Vixen was a great addition to Team Arrow during season four and her friendship with Oliver could be explored further in season five.

5. Lady Shiva

Lady Shiva is a deadly assassin from the DC Comics universe. Shiva was born in a shanty town in an unknown country and was raised to be a warrior and protector of the village. She eventually flees the village and years later encounters Black Canary, who visits the village to experience Shiva’s training. It’s also revealed that Ra’s al Ghul’s League of Assassins ran the village where Shiva and her sister were born and raised. Shiva teams up with the Black Canary after their master is killed and she joins the Birds of Prey. She uses the name Jade Canary while on the team.
Lady Shiva would fit in perfectly to the League of Assassins storylines that have already been used on Arrow. She could be an old friend of Sara Lance’s (Caity Lotz) or Nyssa al Ghul (Katrina Law). The addition of the character would be a great way to amp up the female characters on Arrow.

4. The Huntress

Appearing in seasons one and two of Arrow, Helena Bertinelli aka “The Huntress” (Jessica De Gouw) is the daughter of crime boss, Frank Bertinelli. When her father’s actions become too much, Helena decides to take matters into her own hands. Her personal vendetta begins to cross the line from potential villain to killer very quickly. In the comics, Helena eventual hits rock bottom and meets The Question, who ends up guiding her on a new path. On Arrow she works with Oliver as “The Hood” in the beginning and eventually begins to lean more towards a villain than a hero.
On Arrow, Helena hasn’t made it to the redemption stage yet. She is last seen sitting in an interrogation room on her way to prison. The Huntress had a special charm on Arrow and it would be great to see the redemption arc finally take shape. Oliver could help lead her to a path of redemption and learn to use her vigilante ways to help protect Star City. We think it’s time Helena was up for parole on Arrow.

3. Lyla Michaels

Lyla Michaels (Audrey Marie Anderson) was first introduced to Arrow in season one as an old friend of John Diggle (David Ramsey). Throughout Arrow, Lyla appears as an agent of A.R.G.U.S working under Amanda Waller. Diggle and Lyla eventually rekindle their relationship and get married following the birth of their daughter, Sara. In season four of Arrow, Amanda Waller is shockingly killed by the organization Shadowspire, which makes Lyla the new head of A.R.G.U.S.
In the comics, Lyla Michaels assumes the identity “Harbinger” after entering a womb-like chamber, which energized her and allows her to create a series of doppelgängers. The doppelgängers recruit a wide variety of heroes and villains to fight the Anti-Monitor’s shadow demons and protect a series of vibration towers that are designed to protect Earth 1 and Earth 2 from the wave of Anti-Matter destroying the DC Multiverse.
While seeing Lyla turn into Harbinger would be awesome, the Lyla Michaels from Arrow is what we want to see more of. Lyla running A.R.G.U.S, helping Team Arrow, and being a loving mother and wife is something we constantly crave more of. Her stories are often overlooked for more extravagant storylines, but when she comes on screen she is a force to be reckoned with.

2. Artemis

Artemis is a complicated and beloved character within the DC Comics universe. She is the daughter of villains Sportsmaster and Tigress. At first Artemis joins the family business and becomes a villain. Eventually, she becomes the hero Artemis and joins Young Justice. Artemis is eventually taken under Green Arrow’s guidance after his sidekick Speedy leaves. Ultimately, she takes up the mantel Tigress, like her mother, and continues to be a hero.
It was recently announced that Madison McLaughlin will be re-joining Arrow season five in a multi-episode arc as Artemis. McLaughlin was previously seen this season as Evelyn Sharp, a young girl who tried to assume the Black Canary mantle following Laurel’s death. Evelyn showcased some harsh methods as a vigilante, but hopefully Oliver and Team Arrow will help keep her on the correct path as Artemis.

1. Nyssa al Ghul

One of the best female characters on Arrow, Nyssa al Ghul (Law) is a fan-favorite across the board. Nyssa first appears during season two where she is established as having saved Sara Lance following her supposed “death” on Lian Yu. Nyssa recruits Sara to the League of Assassins and they begin a relationship. Nyssa received a bigger storyline in season three following Sara’s murder. She helps train Laurel to follow in Sara’s footsteps and is later married to Oliver as part of Ra’s al Ghul’s (Matt Nable) scheme. In this last season of Arrow, Nyssa opposes Laurel resurrecting Sara using the Lazarus Pit and eventually takes the League out of Malcolm Merlyn’s control and disbands it. Nyssa also appeared in Legends of Tomorrow.
Katrina Law has turned Nyssa into an amazing, strong and influential female character on Arrow and it’s time she received some bigger storylines. With Laurel’s death affecting every character going into season five, Nyssa is sure to make an appearance. Also, we should discuss the small matter that Oliver and Nyssa are married, right?

Arrow returns with brand-new episodes on October 5th at 8/7c on The CW

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