PaleyFest 2017: 'Pretty Little Liars' Teases CrAzy 7B, Talks Favorite Moments, & Says Goodbye

Nora Dominick ’17/ Emertainment Monthly Executive Stage Editor
It’s the beginning of the end for the groundbreaking teen show, Pretty Little Liars. On April 18, 2017, the hit series will begin its final season. To celebrate seven seasons of secrets, lies and killer outfits, Pretty Little Liars dropped by PaleyFest 2017 to dish on 7B and relive some of their favorite memories.
Debuting in June 2010, Pretty Little Liars quickly changed how we watch TV. Undoubtedly the most tweeted about series, PLL established an Internet presence and created a devoted fanbase. For seven seasons, the show has thrown every twist and turn imaginable as fans try to figure out who “A” is.
To celebrate the beginning of the final ten episode, airing on Freeform later next month, several cast members and executive producers sat down in the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, with a couple hundred devoted fans, to say goodbye. Moderated by Senior TV Editor at Buzzfeed, Jarett Wieselman, PLL was honored in all the right ways. Joining Wieselman for the panel was executive producer Marlene King, executive producer Joseph Dougherty, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Sasha Pieterse, Janel Parrish, Ian Harding, Tyler Blackburn and Andrea Parker. Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario and Keegan Allen were missing from the panel, but Hale and Bellisario sent special video messages in their absences.
To kick things off right, PaleyFest 2017 audience members became the first to view the first minute of the premiere of 7B. Don’t worry, you can watch it right here. King assured fans that the final 10 episodes will be a real “love letter to the fans.” Not giving away too many details, King said that the series finale will be a 2-hour event and was written like a movie.

Photo Credit: Michael Bulbenko for the Paley Center
Photo Credit: Michael Bulbenko for the Paley Center
One episode in 7B the cast is extremely excited to finally see is the episode directed by Bellisario. It’s slated to be the fifth episode out of the final ten. Pieterse spoke about having Bellisario assume the role of director. She said, “It was SO awesome. She has such good incite. She’s an incredible director.” King remembers that Bellisario was able to get the cast to go in places no other director has been able to, because she knows them so well. King adds, “This is Troian’s love letter to the girls.”
Of course what is the end of Pretty Little Liars without knowing where all our favorite couples will end up. King said, “All the end games will be the end games, but no one will get there super easily.” Dougherty continued saying, “Without hurdles, the prize is not worthy. You have to earn your happy endings.”
When PLL ended 7A, all of our favorite ships were in very different places. Emily and Alison (Emison) finally kissed, Ezra and Aria (Ezria) were on a rocky road when Ezra found out Nicole was alive, Spencer and Toby (Spoby) are both in compromising situations, and Caleb and Hanna (Haleb) finally got back together. Blackburn discussed Haleb finally getting back together saying “Haleb was meant to be.” Although, he did enjoy Caleb and Spencer’s fleeting romance saying that it was fun to play. Blackburn also spoke to working wit Benson saying, “We laugh so much. She made me feel comfortable immediately.”
Photo Credit: Michael Bulbenko for the Paley Center
Photo Credit: Michael Bulbenko for the Paley Center
Elsewhere, Pieterse and Mitchell were ecstatic to finally get the long awaited Emison kiss in 7A. It was a moment the two actors had been waiting forever for. Mitchell and Pieterse also spoke to the impact of their characters relationship. They’re both very close in real-life and enjoy playing the relationship. They hope they play it authentically. Teasing Emison in 7B, King says that Alison’s story focuses on her dealing with her sexuality. She says, “Emily plays a big part in that.”
Harding spoke to Ezria’s “rocky road” ahead. With Nicole back in his life, Harding says Ezra has some difficult choices to make, “Ezra’s stuck between a rock & a hard place.”
Everyone’s favorite “villain,” Mona is going to have an exciting storyline coming up in 7B. Parrish said, “She’s still Mona. You never really know what side she’s on.” She added that Mona will continue to grapple with whether or not she wants to be on the good or bad side. Parrish says Hanna continues to be Mona’s pull to the good side.
Pretty Little Liars has arguably given us one of the most mysterious villains in TV: A. One simple letter has plagued the PLL fandom for seasons and now we’re getting closer to the final reveal. Parrish spoke about being the first A to be unmasked, saying she knew it was a big moment for the series and wanted to do it justice. She continued saying, “I have a little bit of pride for being the first person to wear the hoodie.” Harding also spoke to Ezra’s time being “A.” He said, “If they [Ezria] could get through that, they could hopefully get through ANYTHING.”
One of the most impactful characters on Pretty Little Liars is no doubt, Emily Field. A groundbreaking character on TV, Emily made it okay to love who you want to love. Long after the series has ended, Emily will continue to play a role in LGBT representation on TV. Mitchell spoke to the monumental impact Emily’s had on audiences lives. She said, “Love is love. It doesn’t matter. I love this character for everything that she gave. There needed to be characters like Emily all along.”

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