'The 100' Review: "We Will Rise"

Meaghan McDonough ‘17  / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer
Annie Lindenberg ‘19 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer
Back from its week-long hiatus, The 100 brings us “We Will Rise”. In Beca’s lab, Raven (Lindsey Morgan) is left to figure out a way to get the spaceship that will carry her and Abby (Paige Turco) back to the ground with limited fuel. In an ironic turn of fate, Murphy (Richard Harmon) is her right-hand man. Luna (Nadia Hilker) provides some interesting emotional support for both of them as she continues to supply nightblood to the cause.
In Arkadia, Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) is recovering in the medical bay alongside Ilian (Chai Hansen) as Niylah (Jessica Harmon) helps them through. Kane (Ian Cusick) is left behind to make sure order is maintained. The Arkers, distressed after the explosion Ilian created that damaged the Ark beyond repair, are out for blood. No one, however, wants him dead more than Octavia herself.
Finally, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Bellamy (Bob Morley) embark on a journey with Roan (Zach McGowan) to bring the remaining hydrazine to Beca’s lab. As they pass through hostile territory and difficulties arise, the mission is tested.
Read on below to see Meaghan and Annie discuss this week’s’ The 100 episode.
What were the most interesting part(s) of the episode?
Meaghan McDonough: Everything happening in Beca’s lab is pretty amazing. Murphy, away from Jaha and Abby, is back to the refreshingly cynical deadpan snarker that we all love to hate, but it’s so much more interesting when it’s playing off of Raven’s panicked rage and Luna’s cool, spiritual centeredness. The three of them balance each other really nicely, and yet we still got to see conflict unfold, and I just really loved how active and present all three of them were in this episode. The tension between Raven and Murphy is really something I’d love to see more of, just because it’s been seasons in the making.
Beyond that, I also thought Kane swinging his gun around a lot was pretty interesting, and I loved what little interaction we got between Bellamy and Clarke.
Annie Lindenberg: I agree that Beca’s lab has slowly become one of my favorite settings this season, mostly because of the interactions that have come from it. Without a doubt, my favorite elements this week came from Raven, Murphy, and Luna. The interactions between Raven and Murphy are always interestingly charged, even more so now that Raven’s behavior is slowly becoming more erratic due to the altering of her brain from A.L.I.E. Putting them so close together has bred some interesting character development and realizations. The interactions between Luna and Raven are also some of my favorites this season– they crackle on screen together. The moment where Luna comforts Raven showcased just how similar the two of them are despite coming from such different places.

Photo Credit: The CW
Photo Credit: The CW
What were the least interesting part(s) of the episode?
AL: Octavia’s revenge plot. She is, frankly, emotionally abusive to her brother, and it is painful to watch. For me, her character has gone off the rails. Her whole storyline, which is clearly connected with Ilian’s, simply doesn’t hold much interest for me. While I had liked her interactions with Niylah, and Ilian as a character has proven less dry than I feared he would be, the way the story is progressing forward seems less than promising.
MM: I’m not particularly interested in Octavia’s revenge plot either, though I’m actually even less interested in Jasper (Devon Bostick) and Jaha (Isaiah Washington) just feeling bad for themselves.
Lindsey Morgan as Raven in 'The 100'. Photo Credit: The CW.
Lindsey Morgan as Raven in ‘The 100’. Photo Credit: The CW.
Did any acting particularly stick out – good or bad?
MM: Christopher Larkin as Monty had a very small but very strong role in this episode. He seems to be the only character who can look at anything with logic, which is a much needed piece of this survival puzzle. Beyond that, I thought Richard Harmon is bringing Murphy back from the brink of becoming too saccharine and too sentimental of a character, so I really loved that too. Even though I mentioned earlier that I’m interested in Luna, especially with her interactions with Murphy and Raven, I do think she could step up her acting a little more, though I think maybe her apparent lack of depth is more on the writers than on her. Last but not least: Roan sucks. He just sucks. Zach McGowan is a good actor in other things, but he is not good in this as Roan. I couldn’t even tell you what emotions he relayed through this episode, despite the fact he played a really big part in it.
AL: For me, the unsung heroes of The 100 are, and will probably always be, Lindsey Morgan and Bob Morley. Lindsey’s intense scene this week with Murphy, juxtaposed with the softness of her scene with Luna, was incredibly well done. Morgan is able to convey so much emotion, and on top of that, her range is incredible.
My favorite Bob moment this week came when he was lifting the cloth back, unsure if Clarke laid beneath it. Just from the shaking of his hands, his panicked gaze, and the relief that settled over him, it was clear how well Morley can act even the littlest of moments.
Photo Credit: The CW
Photo Credit: The CW
Defining moment of the episode?
AL: The episode comes to a lovely emotional moment between co-leaders Bellamy and Clarke. When Bellamy says, “Clarke, if I don’t see you again…,” Clarke cuts him off by telling him he will see her again. Not only is this a nod to the fact that this relationship may be pointing toward something explicitly romantic in the future, it also showed how serious the rest of this season is going to get. This won’t be the last admittal, and certainly not the last goodbye. The 100 will be entering even more serious territory moving forward, and I can’t wait to see how it plays out.
MM: The scene where Clarke almost hits Bellamy with the car did it for me. I just thought it worked as a really good metaphor for Clarke’s journey in general: Clarke is stuck in some conflict with a decision to take, others help her and almost end up getting themselves killed in the process, with Clarke really behind it all. The tension was just really high, and Clarke not hitting him was a really satisfying release.
Cringeworthy moment of the week?
MM: The editing for that Octavia flashback to Lincoln’s death was just…kitschy. Also, overall, the sound editing for this episode was horrible. Most of the time, all the background noise was way too loud and frankly took the words right out of the characters mouths.
AL: After Octavia nearly kills Ilian but stops because Kane reminds her of Lincoln, she runs out of Arkadia into the wilderness. The moment was meant to be heartfelt and sad, but for me I just couldn’t help thinking about the fact that she ran away almost like a child running away from home, without anything on her. Shouldn’t she, like, at least pack a bag or something first?
Meaghan’s Grade: This episode was kind of all over the place, but I was really happy to see The 100 getting back to the fast-paced action roots that I really started watching the show for. I’d give this episode a B+.
Annie’s Grade: Honestly, the Arkadia storyline dragged the episode down for me. It ruined the cohesion and pacing of the other two arcs while also holding the episode back. I give “We Will Rise” a B-.

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  1. I disagree with your evaluation of Roan. He adds a level of mystery, danger, and intrigue that are not there otherwise. I love his character and I am very happy that they made his role bigger.

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