'Broad City' Recap: "Twaining Day

Kyra Power ’19 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer
Warning: the following contains spoilers for Broad City season four episode two.
After last week’s flashback episode, “Twaining Day” brings us back to the present. Abbi is now interning at a graphic design company and Ilana is on the hunt for a new job. The episode begins with a fun, relevant cold open as Broad City is known to do. Pussy-hat-wearing Abbi and Ilana escort a woman to an abortion clinic amongst a sea of protesters. As they leave they blow the smoke from their weed at the protestors, changing one man’s mind. While the episode itself isn’t political, I’m hoping we get more short scenes like these as both Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson are outspoken feminists.
The rest of the episode follows Abbi as she has to return to Solstice after unintentionally sending a package there. She tries to avoid Trey (Paul W. Downs), but then spots his trainee: Shania Twain. She calls Ilana, who refuses to believe her, as apparently Abbi has been lying about training Shania Twain for years. This leads to Abbi trying to snap a pic of Shania as proof and an awkward run-in with Trey. After much begging, he lets Abbi help him train Shania. It’s always a lot of fun when Broad City scores really famous guest stars, as they create fun interpretations of their personas. As Abbi and Trey try to train Shania, she keeps on trying to get out of exercise and records new lyric ideas.
Meanwhile, Ilana’s broke, resorting to stealing a baked potato from a one night stand. Luckily, her roommate has set her up for waitressing interview in a sushi restaurant. The general manager there berates her and tells her she’s not enough of a bitch to work for him. Ilana almost leaves, but then is inspired by her baked potato ball of tin foil to speak up. She insults him and is instantly hired. Thus, her first night is spent with insulting customer after customer to get them to order expensive sushi platters. After a while it becomes too much; being mean to people isn’t Ilana’s style. She almost quits, but instead tries waitressing her way through kindness. She compliments each customer, ending her night with $800.
Ilana isn’t the only one that scores this episode. As Abbi and Trey train together, the sexual tension between them grows. Trey excuses himself and Shania gives Abbi an inspirational pep talk, leading to her and Trey having sex in the locker room, a bathroom stall, and the sauna. Shania walks in on them in the sauna, scaring Trey and causing him to break his crotch. As he is wheeled out by the EMTs, Abbi tries to apologize, but Trey tells her it’s fine, she’s just not a relationship type of girl. This hits a nerve with Abbi and she asks out the one EMT, Mike. The episode closes with Abbi showing Ilana pictures of Shania at Soulstice.
Last episode was a little rocky, but this one felt back to normal. Both Abbi and Ilana turn their pretty standard days into bizarre adventures. Having Shania Twain in the episode adds a lot to it, and it’s always great to have Trey. With Abbi’s new “boyfriend” and Ilana’s new job, more adventures are sure to come.

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