'Stranger Things' Recap: "Chapter Three: The Pollywog"

Benjamin Frohman ’19 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer
This episode picks up right after the last. Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) comes home and his mother asks how the night went. He hurriedly gets upstairs and it is revealed that he is hiding the creature from the trash can. He puts it in his turtle cage, feeds it a Three Musketeers candy bar, and names him Dart. 

Flashback to Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) finding out that Hopper (David Harbour) is the one giving her the Eggos, the two make eye contact. The present reveals that Eleven is mad at Hopper, who tries to win her over with eggos. Eleven wants to visit Mike but Hopper warns against it. Eleven gets angry as Hopper just keeps saying ‘soon,’ but won’t tell Eleven exactly when she can see Mike.
Meanwhile, Bob (Sean Astin) takes Will (Noah Schnapp) to school and tells the story of a creepy clown, Mr. Baldo, that used to haunt his nightmares. In his dream he finally stood up to him, making him go away. Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) and Max (Sadie Sink) discuss Will. This makes one wonder if Will is the same person he was or if the Upside Down has changed him. Dustin comes in late to class after researching books on Dart and says they all should meet at lunch, the hidden creature rattling his book bag.
After class, Dustin shows the other kids Dart. He thinks he discovered a new species, but Will remembers that he threw it up after going to the Upside Down. The bell rings and interrupts Will from speaking up.
While working, Hopper realizes the lab is the middle of the pumpkins dying on the farms. He confronts the Doctor about the dying crops, who assures him its not their problem, but that they’ll look into it.

“Chapter Three: The Pollywog” Photo courtesy of Netflix.
At the high school, Nancy (Natalia Dyer) and Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) talk. She brings up the night before and the anger she has for the people who caused the demogorgon to surface. She’s clearly up to something, as she asks if Bob still works at Radio Shack and if Jonathan wants to skip class.
Back in the cabin, Eleven thinks about leaving. The episode flashes back to when Eleven first got to Hopper’s grandfather’s house and the rules to keep her in hiding. Angry, she then exits the house like a badass, sneaking past the trip wires.  Eleven sees a mom and daughter and thinks back to when she discussed family with Hopper. The mom spots her and Eleven makes her way to the school.
Noah Schnapp as Will in ‘Stranger Things.’ Photo courtesy of Netflix.
With Bob’s help, Joyce (Winona Ryder) figures out how to work the VCR. As she watches to see who was bullying Will, she spots the outline of the monster on the camera. Back at the school, Will tells Mike that Dart is from the Upside Down. The boys think that Will has true sight, that allows him to see into the Upside Down, and that they should get rid of Dart. Dart escapes and the boys and Max spread out to search for him. Eleven arrives at the school as Max shows Mike how to skateboard. Eleven sees this and gets jealous, making Max fall telepathically before she runs away. Will finds Dart in the bathroom but has a vision and tries to escaped the Upside Down. Dustin comes in and hides Dart away from the other boys in his hat. As Will runs from the monster in the Upside Down, he remembers what Bob said and faces the monster for the first time. The monsters gaseous form enters into Will.

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