'Stranger Things' Recap: "Chapter Four: Will the Wise"

Benjamin Frohman ’19 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer
Last episode, left off with Joyce worried for Will (Noah Schanpp). This episode opens with Joyce (Winona Ryder) speedily arriving at the school. Will stands there trapped in the Upside Down. The boys and Joyce find him in the field as the creature from the Upside Down enters him. His eyes snap open.  

Photo courtesy of Netflix.
Back at home, Will has a freezing temperature. He starts to act strange and talk in third person, puzzling Joyce. Will tells Joyce what he’s been seeing in his vision and Joyce promises to fix it. Hopper (David Harbour) and Joyce ask Will to draw out his visions. The drawings don’t look like anything until Joyce and Hopper tape them all to the wall. They form a hectic map around the house. Hopper realizes they are vines and he heads out to the first pumpkin patch affected by the rot. There, he starts digging and unveils a tunnel underground to the Upside down.
Steve (Joe Keery) finds out that Nancy (Natalia Dyer) is hanging out with Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) from Billy. He is hurt that Nancy has moved on so fast.
Eleven and her mother in ‘Stranger Things.’ Photo courtesy of Netflix.
Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) returns to Hopper’s grandfather’s cabin from her day out on the town. Hopper has a meltdown, yelling at her because he truly cares about her. This causes Eleven to lose it and do telekinetic damage to the house. Eleven tries to clean up the house and finds Hopper’s files from last year’s case under the flooring about the lab. In a folder, Eleven finds a picture of her mom. Eleven then has a vision of her mother in the Upside Down, but it is short lived as her mother disappears. Eleven is left alone.
Nancy and Jonathan go to meet Barb’s mom and realize that they are being tailed by suspicious individuals who approach them outside their car. Three of the lab assistants corner them and take them to the lab. The doctor puts on a show for Jonathan and Nancy, he shows them the entrance to the Upside Down, and how the lab assistant is burning the creatures. He promises that they are taking care of the situation. In the car ride home, Nancy reveals that she recorded the men at the lab on a tape recorder from Bob’s Radio Shack.
Max (Sadie Sink) gets mad at the boys because they don’t include her on the group secrets. She feels like an outsider as they exclude her from their meetings. The boys are hesitant to include her, because it endangers her future and the story is almost unbelievable.
Dart after his metamorphosis in ‘Stranger Things.’ Photo courtesy of Netflix.
Dustin’s creature grows even bigger throughout the episode. At the end, he discovers the creature has broken out of the cage and eaten his cat. The creature has formed a petal mouth much like the mouth of a demogorgon and is going through a metamorphosis.

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