Pub Club’s Fall Book Launch

Shadin Al-Dossari ‘18/ Emtertainment Monthly Editor

With a whole major dedicated to publishing, Emerson has a passionate group of students interested in book publishing. Emerson College’s Pub Club, or Undergraduate Students for Publishing, aims to emulate a real publishing house. The club gives students the opportunity to gain real experience and help bring books to life. Students submit manuscripts, and Pub Club members get to vote on which books to publish. Then they break down into teams: the substantive team developmentally edits the book, the copyediting team copyedits, the design team designs both the covers and the interiors of each book, and the marketing team markets the books to a variety of outlets. club recently hosted an internship panel which included representatives from several publishing companies and other organizations speaking. This semester Wilde Press, the publishing house of Pub Club, will be publishing Butterflies Behind Glass and Other Stories and Under Floorboards, Under Skin.

The first book is Butterflies Behind Glass and Other Stories by Kyle Labe. Labe’s short story collection examines the truths of growing up for each of the distinct characters in the six different stories within the truths of family, of God, of sex, of self. It doesn’t pretend that life is beautiful at times when it’s not, but it does explore what brings forth happiness, kindness, and love. All proceeds from this book will be going to Planned Parenthood. Labe is a sophomore Writing, Literature and Publishing major.

Our second book is titled Under Floorboards, Under Skin and is by Allison Rassmann. Rassmann’s horror anthology revolves around the idea that people can be just as haunted as places. Fear comes from personal, mental, and emotional experience and memory. This collection uses the supernatural to speak on the complicated experience of simply being human and invites the reader to examine their own fears—where they come from and what they mean. All proceeds from this book will be going to Lowell Humane Society.

Both books will be available for purchase on December 12th at 6 pm during the book launch in the Bill Bordy Theater. Both authors will also read from their works and then do a signing for their books afterward. Books are $8 each, and again all proceeds will be going to charity!

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