Brigitte charges into Overwatch

The wait for Overwatch’s 27th hero is finally over. Daughter of Torbjorn Lindholm, squire of Reinhardt Wilhelm, the aspiring engineer Brigitte (pronounced brig-ee-tay) Lindholm has entered the fray. The scrappy young squire has felt out of place on the sidelines, watching her ever aging master go into battle unaided. Developing her armor and weapons in secret, Brigitte finally takes up her flail and shield and is ready to fight to keep Reinhardt safe.

Brigitte is a support hero who packs a solid punch, and by that I mean she is crazy tanky. Her primary weapon is her personal shield and her extendable flail which can heal for 15 health everytime she strikes an enemy with it. Her other abilities include a shield bash, which stuns a target a few feet in front of her, a whip shot, which knocks enemies back, and a healing ability that when used on a full health target, will instead grant them armor. Her ultimate, Rally, buffs her move speed and generates armor in an aura around her, allowing her to push the frontlines with her team while keeping them healthy.

Photo Credit: Blizzard

Brigitte seems to fulfill a similar role to Moira in the sense that she seems to pair well with tanks, but with less healing and more utility. While it will be a bit before we see how she fits into the meta, I think it’s safe to say she will most likely be a more situational pick.  Her healing output is fairly weak unless you have a frontline who can sustain her ability to heal off of melee attacks. She may be a very strong character to fight off the dive meta as she has two abilities that will help keep characters like Winston and away. Her healing ability, while not very powerful, is very good for preempting fights as the more time you give Brigitte to set up, the more armor her team will have. People have also starting speculating that running Brigitte with Symmetra and Torbjorn may end up being very powerful as you can make these two characters painfully tanky, allowing Symmetra to win a lot of fights while Brigitte keeps the turret safe. But again, pure speculation. 

Brigitte is currently on the PTR and will be banned from competitive for 2 weeks following her debut on normal servers. Watch out for her soon.

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