SDCC 2018 Panel Recap: Wynonna Earp

Jonah Puskar / Emertainment Monthly Comic Books Editor
Syfy’s cult hit show Wynonna Earp had a strong appearance at this year’s SDCC with an exciting panel of cast and crew.
The panel, moderated by Den of Geek‘s Kayti Burt, began with a video presentation. The video offered a brief look at season 3, which just had its premiere yesterday, while also showing cast interviews and insights into the upcoming episodes. The video had a fakeout ending before also announcing that in 2019 there would be official Wynonna Earp Funko Pop figures. It was then revealed there was a second fakout ending before announcing there would be a 4th season of the show, causing the hall to erupt in a standing ovation and cheers.
Burt then brought out the cast and crew, including Wynonna Earp comic creator Beau Smith, show creator Emily Andras, and stars Melania Scofano, Dominique ProvostChalkley, Katherine Barrell, Chantel Riley, Tim Rozon, Varon Saranga, and Shamier Anderson.
Before the cast answered any questions, Rozon thanked fans for their constant support of the show and the people who make it.
Jokes were also made about the trailer that was released some time back, with Emily pointing out how fans latched on to a moment where Wynonna licks a potato during a fight, with Smith praising the fans for their dedication to the little moments, saying “You all made the potato.”

Image Credit: Syfy
Burt then asked Provost-Chalkley and Scofano how they felt the Earp sisters’ relationship would be impacted over Wynonna about their mother and having withheld that from Waverly. Provost-Chalkley said that Waverly’s heart is broken, and she needed to have known about their mother, but she is “Constantly looking for the best in everyone else” and has a large capacity for forgiveness.
This lead into discussion of the Earp matriarch, who Burt commented “had Sarah Conner vibes”
Scofano mentioned how she was excited to work with Megan Follows, but was careful not to repeatedly mention or joke about Anne of Green Gables as to avoid annoying her new cast member. Andras recounted having embarrassed herself in front of Follows by dropping a bunch of bananas and the only thing she could think to do was compliment the actress on Anne of Green Gables.
Burt asked Rozon and Anderson what Doc and Dolls’ relationship might look like now that Dolls has that supernatural side that Doc had just lost. Rozon responded by saying that the characters have a mutual respect for each other, but we might see Doc is in a selfish place lately.

The panel then took a moment to welcome Chantel Riley to the Wynonna Earp family. They addressed her mysterious new character, with Riley revealing she knew 0% of her character’s history coming in, but since then Andras gave her 100% of the info. Regardless, Riley wouldn’t give away details on relationships with other characters just yet.
With the topic of backstories coming up, Burt asked if fans might learn more about Jeremy anytime soon. Saranga mentioned that he’s just like the fans, “I’ve had several theories” and said that fans will find things out and have more questions. When asked about the moustache his character was revealed to be sporting this season, Saranga mentioned that the moustache was something he wanted for Jeremy for a while, having sent weekly emails to Andras before finally getting the “OK” when he showed up to filming with a full beard. He also mentioned that when he had the moustache it was awkward when with Rozon out in public due to the identical moustaches. Saranga revealed that there is one scene with fake mustache, as he had shaved it off before the crew realized something needed to be refilmed.
When asked if fans will see any emotional support for Dolls this season, Anderson responded that “He probably talk to a therapist off camera.”
The panel was then asked how scared fans should be for the villain Bulshar, who Rozon then called “Bulshart”, and Saranga responded that he is 10/10 very scary. Barrell chimed in that while Bulshar is scary, the actor who plays him is a “very sweet French man.” Scofano added that this villain will be more tormenting than ever, “Who knows the maze better than the maze-maker?”
Image Credit: IDW Publishing
Smith was asked what he had taken from the show and added to his long-running comics the show was based on. He explained that a whole new layer is added from what Andras had created, and he is so glad to bring these characters into his comics. Smith also mentioned he was glad to work with Rozon and Scofano on his latest comics, though noting that the two approach the writing differently. Rozon’s writing was said to be very structured, while Scofano’s is fun and wild. Smith then added that he knows that for some Wynonna Earp was their first comic and he is proud of that, “You never forget your first.”
The topic was then broach that Wynonna Earp take place in Canada, which Andras said maybe wasn’t the case, and when saying where it took place she purposefully mumbled. Andras explained it’s vague on purpose, and there is a reason viewers never see the money used for example. She then said of the setting “It’s Montan-ish.”
Riley was asked what her experience was with this new fandom so far, who then enthusiastically said “This fandom is the best fandom in the entire world!”
Barrell discussed how she is excited for viewers to be learning Nicole’s backstory in such an interesting way. Barrell explained that Nicole will struggle with these odd, fragmented memories and flashbacks.
Before moving on to the Q&A, Burt wanted to ask the panel what their favorite new epside was and to give a hint as to what it is about. Anderson couldn’t think of an answer, but said he really liked the season 2 episode with the imaginary bond tying Dolls with Doc and Wynonna. Saranga said his is the upcoming Christmas episode, and his one word hint was “reunion”. Rozon said 3×07, and his hint was “heartbreak”. Riley picked 3×06, and simply said “I win”. Barrell said 3×07 and hinted “handcuffs” which elicited laughs from the audience. Provost-Chalkley said 3×05 and her hint was “sugar”. Scofano picked 3×12 hinting at “power”. Smith couldn’t pick, so he mentioned he really enjoyed in season 1 there was a scene with Doc and Bobo where Doc has to drag the Revenant across the boundary line. Smith said it was like a cross between the best Buffy episode and a John Ford. Lastly, Andras said 3×03, claiming “I just really like the music!”
The first question for the panel was if they could do one episode in different genre what would it be?
Scofano said she’d enjoy sketch comedy, while Barrell answered “I do wanna do a musical episode.” Rozon decided on silent film, while Saranga wanted to do a more authentic western with more of the cast involved. Anderson answered he’d like to do foreign language with subtitles. Smith said he’d like to see a complete cast reversal, with cast members playing each others’ parts.

The next question was for the cast on what it was like being directed by Scofano, who tried her hand at directing parts of this season. Provost-Chalkley offered Scofano huge praise, “She’s such a phenomenal director,” adding ”She knows our characters better than we do.”
A fan asked Barrell and Provost-Chalkley if they’ve noticed similarities between Waverly and Nicole. Barrell answered that they’re “definitely both glass half full people” though she sees Waverly as even more open and optimistic than Nicole. Provost-Chalkley added that they take turns supporting each other
A question that came up is if the show will get any kind of new monsters, and if they might be comics inspired. Andras simply said “We’re always pushing it.”
Speaking of comics, a fan asked if there might be more of the cast working on the comics anytime soon. Smith answered that he’s glad to be working more with Rozon on his current series which explores Black Rock, a supernatural prison, and parallels Bobo Del Rey and his brother Mars’ relationship with that of Wynonna and Waverly. Smith added that while he especially wants to work with Andras on comics, he’d trust anyone on the cast to work with him. He noted he would like to do an anthology with stories co-written with entire cast.
Continuing the trend, a fan asked what the panelists favorite comic was outside of Wynonna Earp. Provost-Chalkley said “I must admit I was not a comic fan before I got cast in Wynonna” but then explained she bought the originals for research, then also started Saga and enjoyed it
Rozon mentioned he was excited Provost-Chalkley reads Saga, and then said how he loves Lazarus and TMNT, old silver age books like Fantastic Four, just bought the original Batman #131. Andras answered with Locke and Key, while Riley admitted to being a manga fan and reading Dragon Ball Z and Baruto.
A fan asked what kind of backstory work different cast members needed to do for their character. Rozon mentioned that for him he had a real person to base himself on, but his version has been through different circumstances. Scofano said that she just got backstory from Andras, who’d done the comic homework for Scofano.
That was it for the Wynonna Earp panel. Have fun Earpers!

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