Review: "Night School" Caters to the Slapstick Comedy Fan

Olivia Luisi ’21 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer
Night School, starring Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish, exceeded expectations greatly in the theaters. It started off with Teddy (Hart) preparing for a big test and having a really hard time focusing on studying. The next day during the test, Teddy had such a hard time on the first question that he decided that he was going to drop out of high school. Flashforward years later, Teddy is a salesman at a barbecue grill place and seems to be successful because of the Porsche he drives.
Later, the audience finds out that Teddy has been spending money on things that he can’t afford to pretend he is rich to impress his beautiful and successful girlfriend Lisa (Megalyn Echikunwoke). Teddy’s best friend (Ben Schwartz) proceeds to tell him that he needs to stop spending money that he doesn’t have because he will become broke. To avoid paying for dinner, Teddy decided to take some of his pubes and put them into the desert to file a complaint so then he would get the expensive meal for free.

Kevin Hart in Night School. Photo Credit: Universal Pictures.
After the dinner, Teddy takes his girlfriend to the barbecue grill place that he works for and surprises her with a proposal. Sadly, there was a gas leak and the place blew up and resulted in Teddy losing his job. Teddy didn’t want to tell Lisa that he was lying about being rich and about not having a job so his best friend said that he could get him a job in finances but he has to get his GED before receiving the job. Although Lisa didn’t know that Teddy never graduated high school it was important for Teddy to risk her finding out that so then he could get a better job.
Teddy then decides to go to Night School at his old high school which his high school enemy is now the principal of and is joined by a mother who never wants to be home, a father who made a bet with his son, a government conspiracist, a prisoner and a molly dealer. Together, the group went through unconventional difficulties trying to get their GED’s including trying to steal the practice test without getting caught which results in hilarious consequences.
Kevin Hart as Teddy was surprisingly very funny in this film, not only because of the way he said his lines but also because of the sounds and facial expressions he made throughout certain scenes. Tiffany Haddish as Carrie the Night School teacher exceeded expectations with her hilarious acting skills. The writing is only as good as the actress playing the role and Haddish perfected it.
Tiffany Haddish in Night School. Photo Credit: Universal Pictures.
As a whole, the film was geared towards an audience that involved the younger generation. If the audience was filled with older generations, the jokes might not have landed the way they wanted them to. The jokes wouldn’t have landed well if the audience was filled with people that didn’t like slapstick humor. For example, one scene included Teddy trying to make money at a Christian Chicken Chain and he had to wear a chicken suit to advertise for the restaurant. If Kevin Hart wasn’t playing Teddy and if the audience didn’t like silly humor like that the jokes wouldn’t have landed.  
Overall, the movie is geared to people that enjoy dirty and slapstick humor. People who enjoy this type of humor will be laughing the entire film. Every scene has a joke that will not only have the audience laugh but also cringing. From beginning to end the film was extremely funny and relatable.
Overall Grade: B-
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