10 Questions You Didn’t Know You Had About DuckTales

Paige Ervin ‘20 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer
In a world filled with nostalgic homages to the eighties, 2017’s DuckTales reboot provides a master class on how to bring a beloved property back. Not only does the show bring back features and characters from the original series (Gizmoduck, anyone?), it provides a modern twist on classic characters without changing them at their cores. The critical love of the show has definitely had people considering whether to watch it, so to help those people out (hello, reader!) I’ve compiled ten questions that might help you decide.

  1. Should I be watching DuckTales?

The short answer? Yes. Yes you should.
The long answer? If you’re looking for a show that’s filled with heart, adventure, and excitement and a huge focus on the importance of family (including found family!), then you definitely should. If you’re not looking for that kind of show, you should still give it a try. It’s pretty good.

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  1. Isn’t this for kids?

This is a big question, the full answer to which is larger than the scale of this article alone, but in short I’d like to say that there’s no age limit for enjoying things that make you happy. DuckTales has made millions of people happy, so odds are it’ll make you happy too.

  1. I only know a little bit about Disney characters. Will I still enjoy the show?

The show is completely enjoyable even if you don’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Disney. Because it’s a reboot, many of the characters have been reimagined from their previous incarnations, and because the show airs on Disney Channel it’s pretty forgiving to anyone who might be out-of-the-loop on the exploits of the McDuck clan before starting the show.

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  1. Is is actually going to make me laugh?

I can’t explain too many of the show’s best jokes without giving the punchlines away, but the humor is consistent and varied, with sight gags, self-referential quips, and witty comebacks all supporting the greater comedic load. In short, yes. You will laugh.

  1. How much pathos could a cartoon about ducks have?

More than you would think at first. The show’s focus on family and relationships means that when there are moments of character growth (or backslides into past states) you feel immensely connected to the characters. Many of the conflicts of the show are very common familial issues occurring in fantastical situations, grounding it emotionally.

  1. How long will the theme song be stuck in my head?

Forever. It’s never gonna leave. In fact, you’re probably already thinking about it, and I guarantee the next several hours of your life will have a great soundtrack as it reverberates around the inside of your skull nonstop.

Bobby Moynihan in DuckTales. Photo courtesy of IMBD.
  1. What kind of celebrity guests does it have?

There’s a long list, my friend. Alison Janney as Goldie O’Gilt, Lin Manuel Miranda as Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera/Gizmoduck, Jaime Camil as a singing sky pirate, and even more on top of an already stacked cast of series regulars. (Don Cheadle as Donald Duck is my personal favorite.)

  1. Does it make fun of Mark Zuckerberg?

Mark Beaks is one of the most unsubtle celebrity references of all time. It’s incredible. Without fail, you will laugh every time he uses a Zucker-ism.

  1. This has been great so far, and you’ve totally convinced me to watch the show. Where can I watch it?

Thank you for complimenting my persuasive writing skills, reader. The show can be found most easily on the Disney NOW app, which is available for all mobile devices, most smart TVs, and Amazon Fire sticks, so there’s no real excuse for skipping it.

  1. How did you know I had all these questions about DuckTales?

I have my ways.

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