I’m Your Woman: Big Lead Up, Little Bang

Skyler Johnson ’22 / Emertainment Monthly Comics Section Editor

Upon first glance, it’s easy to hope that this film will be good. It starts off nicely, with our main character in a crisis. You’re immediately intrigued. The set design is good, as is the costume design. You’re expecting the rest to be good as well. That’s not the case.  

I’m Your Woman follows Jean (Rachel Brosnahan), a housewife who’s forced to abandon her comfortable, yet banal, lifestyle. Her husband’s gone missing, and she’s stuck with a child her husband gave her, that she’s adopted. Basically, it’s a feminist crime drama, except instead of crime you get scene after scene of crying baby noises. 

Okay, this movie isn’t that bad, but it is slow. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, it just means that your plot has to be really engaging in order to keep your attention. This is not the case. There’s a lot of lead up, but when we get to the actual climax, what we’re left with is subpar. You’re expecting a big reveal, a major change in character. You do get a reveal, but not the kind you’re expecting. The big, bad husband ends up not being as important as you would hope him to be, and not as bad. I wouldn’t want to drink a beer with the guy but he’s not the worst. 

You’ll be surprised to learn that this film wasn’t sponsored by Planned Parenthood because the crying child you see in every scene will definitely make you want to buy ten thousand condoms. Of course, not everyone dislikes children that much, but it’s easy to get sick of having to hear this crying baby at every interval. It’s hard to even decipher what the point of it was. This movie mainly focuses on Jean and her struggles, not on the baby and the danger it’s been put in, which is never stated, and barely implied. 

Rachel Brosnahan in I’m Your Woman. Photo courtesy of IMDb.

Although this movie’s received an R rating, it could easily be PG-13, and that’s not a good thing. This film needed grit. The antagonists had the most basic level of villainy that one could hope for. If they weren’t so angry and didn’t carry guns with them, they could be mistaken for choir boys. You also never got to understand who they were. You got that they were thieves of some sort, but that’s it. 

Although this review hasn’t been the kindest to this movie thus far, it does have it’s admirable qualities. When there’s any amount of grit, which isn’t often, you get excellent scenes. The cinematography is excellent. There isn’t any shot I wished were different. While these scenes are shot noticeably well, you just can’t use impressive camera angles to carry a movie. 

If you’re interested, I’m Your Woman is available on Prime Video. Overall, this film isn’t worth your time. B-.

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