Gracie Abrams’s New Song ‘Rockland’ Will Break Your Heart

Annalise McDonnell ‘23 / Emertainment Monthly Marketing Specialist

Gracie Abrams teamed up with producer Aaron Dessner to create the emotional track, ‘Rockland’. Dessner has previously collaborated with Taylor Swift on her newer albums. 

Taylor Swift is noted as one of Gracie Abrams’s inspirations and an artist she looks up to. Listeners can see Swift’s inspiration throughout Abram’s discography. Shown through meaningful lyrics that take a stab at your heart with simple melodies.

In the new single, ‘Rockland’, Abrams describes an all too familiar feeling of overthinking and questioning yourself post-breakup, while simultaneously reminiscing on the past relationship. 

She explains her anxiety in her lyrics, “Hey, who took my place in bed when I left?/ Who laughs at everything that you’ve said?/I’m sure that I would like her/If I were slightly nicer”. Questioning the new life that her ex has without her, trying to hold onto whatever their relationship was. Specifically, this lyric describes the anxiety of her ex finding someone new. 

Essentially, Abrams is blaming herself for the failure of the relationship, when she says “Bet you, wish you/ Never even met me /I don’t, blame you/ Broke your every heartbeat”. 

She even goes as far as comparing that dreaming about her now ex-lover is equivalent to a nightmare that she anticipates happening every night. She sings, “I see you every night in my sleep/ Anticipating every bad dream/ Like falling with a knife, you cut deep /You cut deep, you cut deep”. 

The mixture of heartbreaking lyrics, and the slow soft guitar plucking melody creates a lethal combination, which will ultimately break your heart after listening to it. 

Gracie Abrams’s debut album will be released on November 12th, 2021. She is also going on a North American tour in spring of 2022 titled “I’ve Missed You I’m Sorry”.

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