Reneé Rapp Snow Hard Feelings Tour: Concert Review

Samantha Kavich ‘25 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

On October 28th, 2023, Reneé Rapp’s Snow Hard Feelings Tour made its way to the Roadrunner concert venue in Boston. Towa Bird and Alexander 23 opened for Rapp, who began her set list for the night with the fun and upbeat “Talk Too Much” off her album Snow Angel. At 23 years old, Rapp is a natural on the stage. Her extensive background in theater and performance is evident in her clear ease on stage, her never-faltering vocals, and her magnetic personality shining through in every song. The setlist of the Snow Hard Feelings Tour most prominently features her debut album, Snow Angel, which was released this past summer, as well as a few stand-out songs from her EP such as “Colorado,” “Too Well,” “In The Kitchen,” “Bruises,” and her single “Tattoos”. Almost every song features Rapp belting her heart out, dazzling the audience with effortless high notes and riffs.

All of Rapp’s songs are hard-hitting emotionally, and hearing them live is just as cathartic as listening to them off her album or EP, if not more so. In between songs, Rapp interacted with the audience. Most memorably, Rapp played matchmaker, assigning a couple of audience volunteers to stand together and be dating for the rest of the night. During her song “Pretty Girls,” Rapp accepted a bisexual pride flag handed up from the audience, which she joyfully waved and danced around with while she performed the song about women loving women. Not only is Rapp an excellent, seasoned performer, but she is also exceedingly gracious and down-to-earth, and her love for her fans rang clear throughout her time on stage.

Rapp was accompanied by her band, who were more than up to the task of matching her energy and enthusiasm throughout the concert, and brought back openers Towa Bird and Alexander 23 to join her for a song each. The Snow Hard Feelings Tour captures everything that fans love about Reneé Rapp, an artist who is new to the scene but undoubtedly on a path to be a staple of her generation.

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