Anne Hathaway Stuns as Prison Psychologist in Eileen Trailer

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Critics’ thoughts are included in the trailer of Eileen

A supremely stylish psychological thriller” -The Hollywood Reporter

A wild hitchcockian noir” -Entertainment Weekly

Sultry, sinister, and wholly surprising” -The Daily Beast

Watch the trailer: EILEEN – Official Trailer

During a harsh winter in 1964 Massachusetts, young secretary Eileen (Thomasin McKenzie) becomes captivated by the alluring new psychologist at the prison where she works. As Eileen’s  friendship with the psychologist Rebecca (Anne Hathaway) blossoms, Rebecca unveils a dark secret, propelling Eileen down a disturbing and twisted path. 

The 2-minute trailer of Eileen, released October 17, takes viewers through a whirlwind of carefully crafted scenes. The visuals are a blend of mesmerizing cinematography and meticulous editing. The trailer starts with Eileen half-submerged in a bathtub, with dull, cool lighting surrounding her. Once she meets Rebecca, the scenes in the trailer have warm tones with a lot of contrast. Color contrasts can symbolize conflicting emotions, societal differences, or character transformations and enrich the narrative’s depth.

Set to be released December 1, NEON’s Eileen is based on the award-winning novel by Ottessa Moshfegh. This psychological thriller trailer teases Rebecca as a chilling influence on Eileen. 

“That’s very good, Eileen,” Rebecca murmurs in the trailer. “Some things are so twisted, the only way out is for someone to die.”

Eileen gives Hathaway an intriguing and complex character that we will just have to see for ourselves in December. 

Some assumptions that can be made based on the trailer is that Hathaway plays a predator masquerading as prey; she is calculated, seemingly composed, and cynical. While Hathaway has had a diverse career, it will be interesting to see how she portrays Rebecca in this thriller as Hathaway typically plays characters in dramas. Seeing Hathaway in a more jarring and sinister role—without some comedic undertone—will be interesting to watch on screen. Thomasin McKenzie, known for Jojo Rabbit and Last Night in Soho, plays a corruptible secretary in a prison. She is enamored by Rebecca and gets close to her fairly quickly. 

The buzz surrounding this film is already reaching new heights as the release date approaches. 

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