The Revitalization of Titanfall 2

Luca Ferro ‘27 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Titanfall 2 is perhaps the greatest shooter game ever made. It boasts a wonderful array of features, from an emotional and well constructed-campaign to an engaging multiplayer mode. An amazing movement system and a plethora of extremely varied weapon types means that PvP in Titanfall 2 is always dynamic and fluid. And this is without even mentioning the fairly unique aspect of the Titans, mechs that can be summoned after a certain amount of progress in a match. To put it simply, Titanfall 2 is invigorating and excellent to play.

Despite the critical acclaim Titanfall 2 has garnered from its casual and hardcore fans alike, the game has consistently been shafted by outside factors. In perhaps one of the worst publishing decisions in recent memory, EA released the game right in between the latest Call of Duty and Battlefield, two major competitors in the space. Because of this, the game never attracted a massive playerbase, but at the very least, the fans it did have were dedicated to it, and the developers at Respawn clearly cared deeply about it as well. However, due to the advent of Apex Legends and its massive success, many developers at Respawn were shifted over to create content for that instead. Over time, upkeep on Titanfall 2 began to dwindle, and after a particularly nasty attack on the servers by a group of hackers, the game was rendered almost entirely unplayable online. Though a small group of extremely dedicated players used their own server system on PC to continue to play, the vast majority of the community was dead in the water.

This persisted for several years, but just a month or two ago, the game seemed to spontaneously work again! It seemed as though someone had finally secured the Respawn servers from malware, and fans began to flock back to the game in droves. Amazingly, new game modes and challenges were added too! Truly, the people have stumbled into a Renaissance of Titanfall 2. 

People even theorised based on some hidden messages that a Titanfall 3 might be in the works, but that has yet to be confirmed in any way. There is no better time to get in on this truly wonderful game, especially as it continues to be put on sales for practically nothing. For many years, everything involving this game was effectively dead; but miraculously, life has been breathed into it and its community once again.

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