Selling Sunset Season 7: The Barbies of Real Estate

Ethan Sutton ‘27 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Netflix’s Selling Sunset has undeniably become a cultural phenomenon, a reality TV show that goes beyond the realm of real estate and delves deep into the details of personal relationships and drama. It is more than just a TV show, it is reality. While the agents of the Oppenheim Group bring in substantial revenue, the real currency of the show is the intense and petty drama that unfolds on the small screen. What started as a real estate show has developed into an eye-catching soap opera following picture-perfect women navigating not-so-perfect friendships and the high-end Los Angeles real estate market

Beyond the glamor of the picturesque Californian B-roll footage of Sunset Blvd. lies a world filled with low stakes, few consequences, and a lifetime supply of petty drama. The recent season, in particular, has taken the drama to a new level. Season seven of Selling Sunset has pushed boundaries in ways that are not necessarily positive. The once-professional atmosphere of the real estate office has shifted, and the cast has grown a bit too comfortable. They are now testing the limits of what can and cannot be said within the confines of the chic workplace. 

Christine Quinn, the original antagonist known for her unapologetic persona and bold fashion choices, exited the show, leaving a chair for the remaining agents to sit in. The question of who will step into Quinn’s tall villanelle heels still hangs in the air. Chrishell Stause, Bre Tiesi, and Nicole Young are contenders for this position. A rivalry between Quinn and Stause once dominated the show, with both agents fighting for the title of best broker in Los Angeles. Ultimately, Chrishell’s dedication to work and public image set her apart from Quinn. Christine Quinn’s attention-grabbing tricks led to her eventual departure from the series in 2022.

Quinn’s exit marked a turning point for Selling Sunset, allowing Chrishell Stause to showcase more vulnerable moments of life beyond the glitz and glamor of real estate. Stause has become more vocal about her romantic involvement with non-binary Australian musician G-Flip. The newly married couple has been teasing hints of a potential pregnancy to audiences, creating another layer of intrigue to her narrative. However, with the spotlight on Chrishell, her antics for stirring the pot have become more evident. Making presumptuous remarks about Nicole Young, Stause suggested that her colleague had “rearranged her entire face” after being cast on the show. While the accusation was not false, the comment caught viewers by surprise. This is unlike the Chrishell they know. This unusual behavior from Chrishell is becoming more and more present as the dynamics in the office continue to unfold. 

The dynamics within the Oppenheim Group have become a focal point in their brand, overshadowing the high-end real estate transactions that appealed to initial viewers of the show. The work/life balance has seemingly blurred together, creating an environment where confrontation and personal drama have dominated the storyline. Selling Sunset’s evolution from real estate to a character-driven soapy piece reflects the ever-changing landscape of reality TV. Real estate, the primary focus, now serves as a backdrop to the personal conflicts that drive the show’s popularity. The luxurious properties and Los Angeles landscapes take a backseat to the intrigue that unfolds within the office and spills into the agents’ personal lives. These blurred lines create a captivating narrative that keeps the viewers engaged.

New drama has erupted centering around Chelsea Lazkani and Bre Tiesi. The controversy revolves around Bre’s pregnancy with Nick Cannon, who has fathered a dozen children with various women. Tiesi, the newest agent in the office, is unapologetically open about her personal relationship and maternal decisions. Chelsea, disapproving of Canon’s lifestyle, finds herself at odds with Bre, sparking a heated disagreement on their differing views on motherhood. This long-standing public tension is now intensifying within the Oppenheim group office, adding an extra layer of strain to the already charged atmosphere. 

As Selling Sunset continues to push the boundaries of reality TV, the consequences of this evolution remain unclear. The show’s success lies in the hands of complex relationships and drama, not just the multimillion-dollar listings. Whether the drama will reach new heights or the focus will shift back to real estate remains unclear until Season eight (which has been teased by Netflix in the most recent Selling Sunset reunion special), but one thing is clear: Selling Sunset is a compelling soap opera that has left a lasting impression on the reality TV landscape.

Selling Sunset has been renewed by Netflix for an eighth season.

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