The Von Dutch Remix: Charli XCX, Addison Rae, and A.G. Cook’s pop magic

Francesca Rico ‘27 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

In February 2024, British pop icon Charli XCX began her new musical era with the release of her single “Von dutch.” The song is a dance pop anthem, and one month later, she stepped it up by releasing “The von dutch remix with addison rae and a.g. cook.”

The remix made the song level up from dance pop hit, to a playlist necessity for anyone who loves pop perfection. Addison Rae, who became famous on the social media app TikTok, has recently entered the music world with the aforementioned pop singer as her mentor. The influencer released her first single, “Obsessed” in March 2021, but did not release her first EP, AR, until August 2023, which featured XCX.

The remix also features XCX’s longtime producer friend A.G. Cook, who is known for working with hyper-pop and indie pop artists such as Caroline Polacheck and Hannah Diamond.

Thanks to Rae’s added vocals and Cook’s production, the remix includes different details that elevate the vibes of the original song and make the listener feel fully encompassed in XCX’s world as a popstar.

The original song defines a new sound for XCX, who has always existed in the pop and hyper-pop world. However, this song leans more towards the dance elements of hyper-pop music. Moreover, the remix changes the tempo and pitch of the song, making it more club-appropriate than the original. Additionally, the remix features a lyrical break that includes only the production and an improvised ad-lib from Rae of a high-pitched scream.

On her private Instagram account, “@360_brat”, XCX is known to post snippets of her unreleased music. Her most recent snippets have similar sounds to “Von dutch” and the remix. The snippets resemble the dance elements of the single, which has listeners believing that XCX’s future releases will be dance music. 

Fans of XCX are looking forward to the singer’s upcoming studio album, Brat, which will be released summer 2024. They should expect a sound similar to “Von dutch” and its remix on the new album. 

For now, the “Von dutch” remix is a taste of the next album, and XCX’s future work with Rae and Cook.

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