Executive Staff Members

President: Sabrina Petrafesa
Executive Editor: Laina Swatek
Executive Director of Programming: Chris Henderson-West
Executive Copy Editor: Caitlin Muchow
Executive Marketing Officer: Ben Zacuto

Editorial Staff Members

Executive Film Editor: Ben Zacuto
Assistant Film Editors: Victoria Stuewe
Executive Television Editor: Erin Graham
Assistant Television Editors: TBA
Executive Music Editors: Jacob Cutler
Assistant Music Editors: TBA
Executive Web Editor: Law Jia-Yun
Assistant Web Editor: Hannah Ebanks
Executive Video Games Editor: Nicole Smith
Assistant Video Games Editor: TBA
Executive Stage Editor: Mel Pratt
Assistant Stage Editor: TBA
Executive Books EditorMarissa Secreto, Shadin Al-Dossari
Assistant Books Editor: TBA
Executive Comic Books Editor: Jonah Puskar

Emertainment Monthly‘s graphic design was created by Jo Wylie.
Emertainment Monthly was founded by Shannon O’Connor.

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  1. Love Emertainment Monthly! I love the reviews from film and TV to books,video games and music! The articles are interesting and current and really well written! Keep up the fabulous work!

  2. I am fully emertained by this magazine!! You guys are great – love the excellent reviews and great writing!

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