Review: 'Hacksaw Ridge' Redeems and Shocks

There is no shortage of great World War II action films, many of which have received significant praise from both critics and audiences alike. Films like Saving Private Ryan and the recent Fury are loved and studied often. It’s no real secret that films that enter into this genre can achieve a timeless status. However, only the cream of the crop can truly master what that era entailed, and portray it in not only a sensitive way, but a way that honors the sacrifices made. And with such an amazing story such as Desmond Doss’, extra precautions need to be made. Since director Mel Gibson’s downfall from fame with his leaked outbursts, he seems to have carefully planned his directorial return to Hollywood with this heroic tale. Hacksaw Ridge takes many key elements from great World War II films and applies them to an untold true story, positioning itself to very well become a new modern classic.