‘Gotham’ Review: “Rise of the Villains: The Last Laugh”

“The Last Laugh” takes dramatic risks that Gotham season one couldn’t even dream of, much less execute.

Gotham Premiere Review – “Damned if You Do…”

Gotham is now more comfortable with its camp tendencies than ever before.

'Gotham' Review/Recap – “All Happy Families are Alike”

By Robert Tiemstra ’17 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer “Hope is for Losers, Jim.” Well folks, we’ve finally made it....

'Gotham' Review/Recap: "The Anvil or the Hammer"

Huh. Only one to go. It’s hard to look back on Gotham’s first season and not feel a little bit nostalgic for the days when the promise of this series.

'Gotham' Review/Recap – “Under the Knife”

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to opposite land - where trees grow from the sky, Warner Brothers doesn’t fire the directors from their most promising projects, and Gotham manages to defy our cynical predictions from last week!

'Gotham' Review/Recap – “Beasts of Prey"

What genre does this show live in now? It is clear after 17 episodes that this is not a crime drama (as much as the wikipedia page would like you to believe).

'Gotham' Review/Recap: "Everyone has a Cobblepot"

It’s business as usual back in Gotham City. The series still has some well-drawn characters as well as excellent atmosphere, but it desperately grasps for tone amidst a parade of subplots, none of which appear to be going anywhere.

'Gotham' Review/Recap: "Red Hood"

It says a lot about the last season of 'Gotham' that we still cannot accurately describe the tone of the series without doing an absurd amount of verbal contortions.

'Gotham' Review/Recap: "The Blind Fortune Teller"

This week’s 'Gotham' episode, “The Blind Fortune Teller,” was pushed by Fox’s marketing strategy as a setup for a big character reveal that may very well have ruined any chance of appreciating this as a normal episode.

'Gotham' Review/Recap: "The Scarecrow"

Last week’s review of 'Gotham' expressed some trepidation about approaching an episode entitled "The Scarecrow" in a show that quite frequently forgets to stand on its own and leans on the Batman mythos when the writers feel particularly lazy that day.

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