Who are the Half Moon Kids?

Shannan Singletary ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Staff

Photo via http://www.underthegunreview.net.
Photo via http://www.underthegunreview.net.

The pop/rock music world has been astir this past week as members of several bands began posting the same cryptic tweet on twitter reading “Who are the Half Moon Kids. Be brave. Be curious” with a link to the website halfmoonkids.com.

The tweets have come from artists such as Nash Overstreet of the band Hot Chelle Rae, Alex DeLeon of The Cab, and Taylor Jardine of We Are the In Crowd as well as from the band accounts for groups such as Go Radio, Allstar Weekend and The Ready Set. Even Pretty Little Liars actress Lucy Hale sent out the tweet.

The link takes you to a website that includes a YouTube video and a couple of answer boxes for the three questions “What do you want to accomplish in life,” “What do you want to do when you grow up” and “What are your biggest fears?”

The viral campaign gets a little creepier in the video which includes two hooded figures in a poorly lit room writing out the three questions from the website along with “Who are the Half Moon Kids?” on white cards to the tune of some reversed music.

The video says that “all will be revealed” on February 25 but that hasn’t stopped numerous fans from speculating about what the video is for.

The most prominent theory circulating social media is that it is a promotional campaign for the band The Summer Set’s new album. Fans have dug up instances from last summer when Brian Logan Dales, the band’s lead singer, signed a tweet and a blog post with “the half moon kids.” These posts were both made around the same time that the band was in the studio recording their new album.

Fans have also found other clues pointing toward The Summer Set. For example, one YouTube comment pointed out that The Summer Set’s tour crew has half moons on their shirts, while others pointed out the fact that one of the hooded figures in the video appears to be a girl based on the handwriting and footwear, saying it was likely the group’s female drummer Jess Bowman.

Perhaps the biggest clue pointing toward this being a promotional campaign for The Summer Set’s album is the reversed music. When the video’s background music is reversed what at first appeared to be gibberish suddenly turns into the lyrics “we ain’t got much but we still got us,” lyrics from the band’s song “Maybe Tonight.”

Oddly (and suspiciously) enough The Summer Set is one of the few bands in the pop influenced genre where no members have sent out the tweet.

A few of the other theories about the tweets include a giant tour with all of the bands involved,  the new project for Allstar Weekend who recently announced they are starting a new band, and a cult that all of these bands are in.

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