First Look: The Maze Runner

Daniella Cuencas ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Editor
The highly anticipated adaptation of James Dashner’s young adult novel, The Maze Runner, is due to open in theaters February 14th, and the buzz surrounding this project has only just begun. This post-apocalyptic thriller centers on a boy named Thomas who ends up in the middle of a maze with no memory of how he got there. He and his fellow “Gladers” must navigate this treacherous maze in order to escape, but a wrench is thrown into the mix when a girl named Teresa joins this group of rag tag boys along with an important message that changes everything.
The Maze Runner’s director, Wes Ball, has also worked on visual effects for the 2010 movie Beginners. He aimed to please fans of the book by including author James Dashner in the screenwriting process. The protagonist, Thomas, will be portrayed by Teen Wolf star Dylan O’Brien and Teresa will be played by the UK Skins star Kaya Scodelario.
Although the film doesn’t hit theaters until next year, some stills were recently released to give us a first glimpse into this world. The pictures show some important visual aspects from the book. The big gates that surround the Gladers and the underground elevator cage are some great shots to give people a taste of what’s to come without revealing too much. Below are the five shots courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

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