Pi Pies, Dancing, and Love Squares: Twisted Recap

Alicia Carroll ’16/ Emertainment Monthly Writer
Things got heated during this week’s “Twisted Tuesday.” Relationships formed. Relationships ended. Nightmares became real, and we still don’t know who is to blame for Regina’s murder. For those of you that missed it all, here is a quick recap.
Lacey has been second-guessing everything she knows recently. How reliable is Archie? Is Danny guilty? Does he deserve the second chance Jo has given him? Her dreams are telling her she thinks Danny may have killed Regina and took her necklace, but she is having trouble believing that. After dreaming of Regina, she begins to ask around about the necklace that was taken from her the night she died. No one seems to know where it came from. All they know is that Regina always said it was a gift. What everyone is wondering is from whom?
The Fall Festival is the biggest event of the year in Green Grove. It’s right around the corner, and (to no one’s surprise) nobody wants Danny there. Members of the community are giving Chief Masterson flack for not having solved Regina’s case. He assured the crowd that nothing bad is going to happen at the festival to endanger the town. One persistent heckler, Tim, insists Danny is a murderer and has no business going to the festival, especially now that he is hanging out with the Chief’s daughter. The Mayor stepped in and calmed everyone down long enough to tell Chief Masterson to deal with the situation before it ruins the festival.
In yet another attempt at rebellion and righteousness, Jo decides to go to the festival with Danny. This time it wasn’t to prove anything to her father or Lacey or the town. Rico likes Jo. Jo likes Danny. Lacey, regrettably, likes Danny.  Danny doesn’t really know whom he likes, but I am sure he will find a way to make this “Love Square” into a hexagon. Against the better judgment of almost everyone in Green Grove, Jo asked Danny out to the festival…”as friends.”
Before the festival Danny and Jo run into Lacey at the diner. In the spirit of full disclosure, Danny tells her about the necklace belonging to Tara. Lacey feels like her fears from her nightmare have been validated and calls him selfish for wanting to go to the festival. She couldn’t blame them or thinking Danny did it, after finding that out.
After asking about the necklace, Lacey offers to go through Regina’s recent mail for her mother. In the pile, she finds a letter with hundreds of dollars in it. There was a note saying Regina was getting paid to keep her mouth shut about something. The letter was sent two days before her death. Lacey begins to wonder if this gag order had something to do with the necklace, or her murder.
The Fall Festival ends in a formal dance for the town, which is one of the most anticipated events of the season. Jo asks Danny to the formal and her mom gets so excited she offered to buy her a dress, but Jo nips that in the bud.
Rico seems jealous of Danny because Jo is spending more and more time with Danny, and Rico doesn’t fully trust him. Rico asked Jo to help him with his Mathletes “pi pie” booth and gets even more irritated when he finds Jo invited Danny to help too. Tim sees Danny and starts screaming at him in the middle of the festival. Danny tried to diffuse the situation but Tim pushes Danny into the booth and knocks over the pies. Surprisingly, Chief Masterson comes to Danny’s aid, and makes Tim back off. Rico’s booth is ruined, his Mathletes have to figure out another way to fundraise, the girl he likes is going to the dance with a murderer…he is understandably angry.
Danny goes to get replacement pies for Rico when he runs into Chief Masterson. Danny thanks him for helping him back at the festival; he didn’t realize protecting a murderer was in his job description. Chief Masterson explains it is his job to protect everyone, but if Danny goes to the Festival, his job doesn’t exactly get easier. Danny understands, so he tries to back out of the formal. Jo is bummed, but she agreed.
Tess gets upset that she isn’t going and talked to her about it. She said if going to the formal would really make her happy, she should go. Jo decided to attend, but she makes Danny go with her. The festival meant a lot to both of them, so she wants him to be there.  Tess sees that Jo is happier since Danny came back. Even though Danny may or may not be dangerous, he makes Jo happy and Tess believes that is worth it. Chief Masterson doesn’t see it the same way.
Later, at the formal, the mayor sees Danny and Jo arrive and politely asks them to leave. Danny convinces him otherwise, seeing as the camera crew from the local news was there, and if he kicks them out, that will be the top story tomorrow. They stay and have a wonderful time until Danny suddenly gets an alarming text. He leaves and we find out it was Lacey. She tells him about the money she found in Regina’s mail. He tells her to take it to Chief Masterson because it may help with the investigation, but she refuses because she isn’t ready to ruin how people remember Regina, whatever that envelop means could derail her good memory. They argue about it…and then make out…words cannot express my rage.
Meanwhile Jo talks to Rico at the formal and Rico is finally honest with her. Not about the him loving her part, but his feelings towards her getting involved with Danny part. Danny lied to them about the necklace and withheld information, what else could he be hiding? Rico sees that he is not going to convincer her, so he gives up and goes home. On his way he sees Karen Desai, in the dark of night, throwing Tara’s…or Regina’s necklace in the water (because getting her fingerprints on it and disposing of evidence is always a good idea).
The episode ends with a slightly more heartwarming visual when Danny meets Jo at the diner and brings Lacey along. Despite Lacey’s wishes, Danny refused to keep the money that was sent to Regina a secret. They meet at the diner to tell her about it. Even though all three of them working together may be a good thing, Jo wasn’t too hot on the idea of Danny and Lacey together (predictable teen conflict alert.)
For more secrets, mysteries, and drama, tune into Twisted Tuesdays at 9pm EST on ABC Family.
MVP: Tess Masterson, played by Kimberly Quinn. I love her character and how she loves her husband so much, but isn’t willing to compromise her principals or what she thinks is best for Jo, just to help his appearance at his job. I really felt her motherly love in this episode. Kudos to her.

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