SDCC '13: Legend of Korra

Ashley Crocker ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Writer
Legend of Korra, Book Two:  Spirits is finally coming.
Making its awaited appearance at Comic Con San Diego, creators Bryan Konietzko and Mike Dimartino announced that LOK Season 2 is expected to be premiered, September 2013. It is also speculated that it will keep its 11 am timeslot. The original installment of LOK premiered almost one and a half years ago, in the Spring of 2012.
The show features heroine Avatar Korra. Joining her, the new Team Avatar: Mako, Bolin, Asami, Naga, and Pabu. We also expect to see Aang’s family return including the Master Tenzin, Pema, and their four mischievous kids. We will also meet Aang’s other children Kya and Bumi. Korra’s uncle and Chief of the Northern Water Tribe Unalaq is introduced as well as his twins Desna and Eska. Korra’s father Tonraq will also play more of a role in season 2.
Legend of Korra Season 2 explores the spirit world. In the older series, the spirit world was where Aang went for wisdom and guidance; in this series, the main antagonist is believed to be a malevolent spirit.
Creators have also confirmed that the Walking Dead’s, Steven Yeun will lend his voice to the first Avatar, Wan. His story takes place 10,000 years before Korra’s story. In a fun change of pace, his story will have stylistic differences from the main show, drawing inspiration from traditional East Asian ink wash paintings, woodblock prints, and new stylization of the elements. Wan will also be joined by his animal guide, Mula the cat-deer.
Legend of Korra will premiere on Nickelodeon this September.
You can watch the trailer here.

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