Gravity: Trailer Analysis

Daniella Cuencas ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Editor
Chills. That’s what I get every time I see a trailer for Alfonso Cuarón’s newest film, Gravity. There isn’t a more terrifying thought than being lost in outer space. This particular recently released trailer centers on Dr. Stone’s first mission into space. After a terrible accident involving debris from space hitting the shuttle, Dr. Stone (Sandra Bullock) is left hanging completely alone . The trailer shows the beginning of the accident, which leaves Dr. Stone stranded, and also introduces George Clooney’s character, Matt Kowalsky. There’s only so much you can fit in a trailer, but the tension and thrill of the situation occurring make me excited to see this movie.
Director Alfonso Cuarón wants the audience to truly understand the feeling of floating in space, and after watching the trailer, he nails it on the head. The camera spins right alongside the actors, making it feel like you’re just as helpless and out of control as Dr. Stone. Sound is also an important factor of the trailer. If you will notice, the sound of the debris crashing into the shuttle is missing. The only sounds come from Bullock, Clooney, the space station on Earth, and some simple yet dramatic sound effects. The director believes that the absence of any harsh sounds makes the movie that much more real, because that is exactly what it would be like in space. Cuarón explored many new and developmental techniques in technology and filmmaking in order to accomplish this intensely realistic feel. Hopefully this movie will live up to the hype.
Gravity hits theaters October 4th.
Check out the chilling trailer below…

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