Rizzoli and Isles Recap: "All for One"

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[Related Article: Last Week’s Rizzoli and Isles Recap] This week on Rizzoli & Isles, we’re back to the everyday crimes of Boston. A man is alone, walking at night and seemingly talking to someone. He walks out into a street where he is immediately hit by a car, and thrown into the bushes as the car takes off.
In the daytime, Jane and Maura are stopped on a sidewalk while apparently on a run. It turns out, they stopped because Jane sprained her ankle and can’t even move it. As she’s wincing in pain, Martinez (head of the drug unit) and Frankie, along with some other police officers, come running down the street. Not wanting to look weak in front of Martinez, Jane covers as she leans on a car with her foot up “just resting”. Martinez is too focused looking at Jane’s police issued vehicle to understand what’s really going on, but Frankie will not be fooled! Together, he and Maura help Jane inside.
Now inside the morgue, Maura examines Jane’s wound and decides that no bones are broken, but a ligament might be torn (which is MUCH worse according to Dr. Isles). Then, Maura’s assistant, Susie, arrives holding a boot for Jane. Jane is very adamant about not wearing the boot, but the two women finally get her to put it on, and Susie leaves. While trying to take her mind off of the excruciating pain she’s in, Jane brings up the topic of Casey. She reveals that she sends “mushy stuff” emails to him and refers to him as her “long distance lover.” Even though Jane acts like a tough cop, this scene reminds us that she can really be a kid at heart. That trend continues when the subject turns to Martinez and how Maura thinks he’s into Jane. Jane knocks down this theory by saying he was only asking about the car because the drug unit needs new ones, he really likes hers, and he’s allowed to take any car he wants (which is what indeed happens). Maura brushes it off, still believing he has a thing for Jane. The doctor leaves the room while Jane attempts to get off of the table, wincing and whining for her mommy (adorable!).
On their way to the crime scene, Frost, Korsak, and Maura stop to get coffee at the same coffee shop from last week’s episode. In fact, it’s even the same barista who called Jane a bitch. Frost flirts shamelessly with her, while Korsak rolls his eyes. At the scene of the crime, the team finds the body from the hit and run. He was a science and drivers ed. teacher at the local high school. Jane, because of her injury, had to stay back at the precinct and video call into the scene from there. They find that the headlights on the car were off when it struck the man. They also located a strange looking key in the victim’s pocket.
Not finding anything else at the crime scene, the team goes to talk to the victim’s wife. He was a father of four, all under the age of four. According to his wife, he was a wonderful father, and a wonderful teacher. He had won teacher of the year multiple times, and his achievements were proudly displayed in the house. She said it wasn’t uncommon for him to be out late at night. Hmm… Things are starting to sound a little suspicious if you ask me!
Rizzoli and Isles 1
In the morgue, Maura is able to find blue and grey particulates in the wound, possibly from the car that hit the victim. She sends the particulates to the lab to be analyzed regarding paint and model.
In the break room, Jane is Skyping with Casey! They are having an absolutely adorable conversation when Martinez walks in. He sees what’s going on and flashes a look of distaste. Casey and Jane hang up, and Martinez continues to say a lot by not saying much. It’s obvious he has a thing for Jane.
The team gets a hit on a possible suspect. A student had sent a picture of herself holding her shirt up saying he would get more of “that” if he gave her an “A”. But, she’s not their girl because she had been in a coma ten days prior to the murder, and was still in a coma. She OD’d on her mom’s codeine prescription. There was no answer to the question of why she was doing drugs.
That night, at a local bar, Jane and Maura are talking when Martinez walks up to them. He hands Jane her mothers’ keys, saying that was her car to use during work now. Jane was utterly confused, so Martinez cleared it up by telling her that he impounded it under Mrs. Rizzoli’s directions. She was worried about Jane… and so was he. Martinez had wanted to buy Jane a drink, but noticed the two friends were getting ready to leave, so he got a rain check, and everyone was on their way. I know I said I didn’t like Martinez, but I think I’m warming up to him a bit!
Frost has a love interest now, too! The barista from the café meets him at Mrs. Rizzoli’s place in the precinct and the two have a mini-date… Until it’s interrupted of course by Mrs. Rizzoli! She drags her feet in leaving the table by asking many questions to the girl and telling stories. Frost is not pleased even though he tries to hide it. Then, Korsak interrupts by telling the young detective that they have a big lead in the case. Frost finally gives in, and the date comes to a close.
"RIZZOLI & ISLES""All For One" / Ep 407TNTPh: Eddy Chen
A few years prior to the murder, the teacher found pot in the locker of the potential valedictorian. The team calls her in for questioning and find out something very interesting: The teacher told the girl that if she didn’t “perform” (meaning give him oral sex), he would give her a “C” in the class. She also claims that he planted that weed in her locker and then “found” it and turned her in. Now the team knows why people might have wanted him dead!
The results from the test regarding the particulates comes back, and it’s the paint is a match to the cars used for the drivers ed. class. Frankie and Frost go to the school to find the car, and find something else, too. There’s a piece of turquoise thread near the gear shift. Perhaps it’s was used in a friendship bracelet, they ponder. The thread is bagged as evidence and they head back to the precinct.
There, Maura tells the team that they found Viagra in the teacher’s system that he must have taken before he left the house to go to the school. In addition, Maura found that the odd looking key the teacher had in his pocket is for a high security pad lock. The team decides to let Jane out for a bit to take a look at places in the school where the key might be a match.
While driving through the school parking lot, Jane and Maura spot a shed with a pad lock fitting the description for the key. They enter and find it’s the teacher’s office. They discover matching turquoise thread to the stuff they found earlier and body fluid on the couch. They also find a box that held cell phones during class. The two put together that the girl in the coma, Sam, didn’t send him that revealing photo, he sent it to himself with a provocative message because she was about to go to the principal telling of what he had done.  At the precinct, the gang found where the picture came from. It was from a video of Sam’s sweet 16 party. They find another video of Sam and her three friends all wearing turquoise friendship bracelets, saying their friendship chant which includes, “I would die for you.”
The team brings in the three girls and ask, in separate rooms, what happened that night. Each of the girls say they tried to record what was happening in the shed so there would be no doubting how horrible he was. They each say the phone fell out of their pocket, so they ran to a driver’s ed. car. They each say they hit him. The attorney for the precinct tells the team that, in the state of Massachusetts, only the driver can be found guilty even if they were all in the car. Jane believes that no matter who was driving, it was truly an accident. It’s clear that none of the girls are going to change their story, so they are sent home.
At the hospital where Sam is being cared for, her friends sit by her side urging her to open her eyes. Sam begins to, and the girls and Sam’s parents are ecstatic. Jane and Maura are standing outside the room, watching what’s unfolding. Jane discusses with Maura how wonderful it must be to have that kind of friendship that Sam and her friends have. Even with all of the mothering Maura had given Jane the past week, the two decide that they do have that kind of friendship… maybe without the willingness to die part! But they’re close! And this concludes episode seven!
What do you think of the Casey/Jane/Martinez love triangle? And how will Frost’s new girl play into the story? I’d love to hear your thoughts! See you next week!

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