The Good and the Bad of Planes

Daniella Cuencas ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Editor

Things done right:

The most amazing part of this movie was the animation. The beautiful scenery made this movie worth the watch.  Watching the movie was like being on the soarin’ over California ride at Disney’s California Adventures except it went all over the world. Different settings included the Taj Mahal in India, New York City, China, Mexico, just to name a few. From snow frosted mountains to the dry desert of Arizona, all of the different places looked absolutely real. The animators did an amazing job of giving this movie .The difference between Cars and Planes is in the way the storytellers really flushed out every aspect of this world. There are no people and as such planes, boats, and even birds, which are miniature planes, are all animated to occupy this world. It was great to really understand more of how this world worked.

Things not so right:

The plot and characters were unbelievably similar to that of Cars. The main character was supposed to be introverted, but he really came off a lot like Lightening McQueen in that he had a sassy attitude and a heart of gold. There was also Ripslinger who was earily like Chick Hicks. They both were even colored the same green and black with the only difference being one was a car and the other was a plane. The Porsche from Cars was also in Planes. Dusty’s mechanic friend was a lot like Sally Carerra in attitude. Both didn’t take any attitude from people and very intelligent. Through all this, the viewer still had comparisons in plot to the original movie. Both featured a race, an older mentor that teaches them the ropes, and learn the real meaning of friendship along their journey. The only real difference was the view. Instead of being on the ground and stuck in Radiator Springs, this movie went around the world and explored it from above, which was spectacular.

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