Husbands Season 3 Episode 2 Review/Recap

Maya Zach ’17 / Emertainment Monthly Staff

It appears that the entire third season of Husbands is going to be just as awkward to watch as the premiere. Though the situation that Cheeks and Brady have found themselves in is incredibly unpleasant and delicate, it should not be quite so excruciating to watch. I was cringing throughout the entire episode and found it genuinely uncomfortable to watch.

Claudia, Brady’s ex-fiance, introduces herself to Cheeks, and Brady isn’t there to handle the situation. Claudia, who is clearly still in love with Brady does everything in her power to destroy the new couple’s re-wedding. She puts Cheeks on edge and reminds him that he and Brady can’t truly know each other, since they have only been together for three short months. If Cheeks doesn’t feel uncomfortable enough (re-)marrying a man that kept secrets from him, the idea that Brady is like his father is reinforced. Not only does he look like his father, but Brady also sort of treats him like a child.

Amy Acker does her job quite well, she makes both Cheeks and the audience feel very uncomfortable. But she was written a little too far over-the-top. Her character was a little hard to believe and it pulls the viewer out of the episode.

If the season of Husbands continues its trend of uncomfortable and tense situations, it just might not be worth watching.

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