Walk The Moon Turn Boston's House Of Blues Into An All-Night Dance Party

Anna Cieslik ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Editor

The always-energetic boys from Walk The Moon returned to Boston on September 19th for what just might be the biggest dance party the House of Blues has ever seen. From start to finish (and even to encore), there was not a dull moment when this Ohio four-piece was on stage.

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The set began with Walk the Moon coming on stage to “The Circle Of Life” from none other than Disney’s The Lion King, and that moment set the bar for all of the fun that followed. For the rest of the night, Walk the Moon played hit after hit from their self-titled debut album. Whether they were rocking out to upbeat tracks like “Jenny” or slowing things down with ballads like “Iscariot,” Walk the Moon were clearly having a great time on stage.

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In fact, the best part of the show was seeing just how much the band was genuinely enjoying themselves. Throughout the entire performance, the four boys were running around on stage, messing around with each other, and getting the crowd going. Plenty of times, I found myself laughing and cheering as the guitarist and bassist turned to play to each other, creating a friendly vibe that stayed in the air all night long. Other times, I watched in amazement as the guitarist climbed atop the drummer’s drum set and banged on the cowbell between his own riffs. Miraculously enough, the band managed to do all this without sacrificing the quality of the music, which was intricately rhythmic and powerful for the entire set.

With their abundance of energy and excitement on stage, it’s no surprise Walk the Moon is packing venues night after night on this tour. And with a new album looming on the horizon, I know I’m counting down the days until I can see these boys from Ohio again.

Photos from the concert at The House of Blues, by head photographer Bridget Wood:


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