Panic! At The Disco “Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die” Review

Maddie Abry ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

I remember listening to Panic! At The Disco when I was 14 and rocking colored skinny jeans. Their angsty beginning, spunky middle and recent darker album kept me going through middle and high school. But their best work yet is the new “Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die.”

This is everything a Panic! fan dreams of, a culmination of all of their sounds into one glorious ten-song masterpiece. Am I overselling the album because of bias? No it really is a work of art. “This Is Gospel” is a power ballad that shows off the ridiculous vocals that Brendon Urie has been rocking over the years. The frontman who notoriously loves the spotlight told MTV that these days he carries the project; writing much of this album in his home studio with Bassist Dallon Weekes.

The album is equally devastating with “The End of All Things”, as it is pop perfect with Nicotine. I imagine the boys of Panic! wanted to take us on a twisted, yet colorful journey of being young and free.

Top 2 Tracks To Listen To

“Miss Jackson” – has a whole new flavor to it, madness with a sweet side.

“Girls/Girls/Boys” – an homage to the new age of sexual orientation about a girl who can’t choose between a boy or girl.


Album Rating: ★★★★★ (A)

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  1. I mostly agree with this article except for when it comes to girls/girls/boys

    maybe its because I’m a bisexual girl or maybe its the line “love is not a choice” but I feel like the song is more of a guy who wants this girl but she doesn’t want him. She seems to want every guy and girl other than him. Or maybe she is dating a girl and he’s like, well if you decide you love someone else you know where I am. But that’s a matter of opinion.

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