Michael Douglas Cast as Hank Pym in Marvel's "Ant-Man"

Gavin Gronenthal ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer
In an interesting development for the upcoming Ant-Man film, Marvel announced that renowned actor Michael Douglas was cast as Hank Pym. For those who don’t know, Hank Pym is a scientist in the Marvel Universe who has had many super aliases: Yellowjacket, Giant-Man, Goliath, and – perhaps most importantly – Ant-Man. However, Paul Rudd, just a few weeks ago, was revealed to be Ant-Man in the upcoming film. But Rudd will be playing a different Ant-Man: Scott Lang.
It looks as if writer/director Edgar Wright has a few tricks up his sleeve, as Scott Lang famously stole the Ant-Man technology from Hank Pym, and was later allowed to inherit the title. Having Rudd and Douglas, two actors from two different generations, play both Ant-Men can definitely lead to some interesting dramatic and comedic opportunities in the upcoming film.
For those who don’t know, Pym is also the creator of Ultron, the upcoming villain of the second Avengers film. However, it looks like that’s going to be changed, as Ant-Man is set to release two months later, despite the fact that Hank himself is a founding Avenger in the comics.
We’ll see how this casting news affects further casting, such as Janet Van Dyne, aka The Wasp, who is also a founding Avenger and Pym’s ex-wife in the comics. Will this age change for Hank mean a change for Jan, if she’s even in the film at all? And who will the villain be?
Ant-Man hits theaters on July 31, 2015, and keep reading Emtertainment Monthly for more updates.

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