A Glimpse Into Preparations for “Red-Eye to Havre de Grace”

Mary Olsen’17 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Sophie Bortolussi as Virginia, Ean Sheehy as Poe. Photo Courtesy of ArtsEmerson.
Sophie Bortolussi and Ean Sheehy in Red-Eye to Havre de Grace. Photo Credit: Johanna Austin/ArtsEmerson.

It is rare that even the most avid theatre-goer has the chance to see a play or musical in the stage of preparation. Emertainment Monthly, however, got such an opportunity on Wednesday, February 12 to take a glimpse into a rehearsal of Lucidity Suitcase Intercontinental’s production of Red-Eye to Havre de Grace at the Paramount Theater.

Participants were told to remain “flies on the wall” as they were lead to the mezzanine of the theater where they could view the rehearsal in silence and remain out of sight. Emertainment Monthly had the chance to witness the rehearsal of the scene in Red-Eye, the story of Edgar Allen Poe’s last few days, in which Poe recites his famous work “The Raven.”

This scene included complicated choreography, live music, and the recitation of this lengthy poem. During the course of the rehearsal, the actors were often stopped in order to correct lighting, sound, movement, or other technical aspects of the scene that needed to be tweaked in order to help it flow. The atmosphere of the space was very polite and professional, and any time a suggestion was given, there would be a “thank you” given in return. It was great to see that everyone involved in the rehearsal had a respectful demeanor despite the stress of a fast approaching opening night. The observed scene turned out to be a fan favorite of the entire performance, though the play as a whole was phenomenal.

Sophie Bortolussi as Virginia, Ean Sheehy as Poe, and Jeremy Wilhelm. Photo courtesy of Johanna Austin and ArtsEmerson.
Sophie Bortolussi, Ean Sheehy and Jeremy Wilhelm in Red-Eye to Havre de Grace. Photo Credit: Johanna Austin/ArtsEmerson.

When seeing a play or musical, it is easy to be entertained by it, but full appreciation for a piece of theatrical art comes when we consider how much love and work is put into it before the curtain goes up on opening night.

Red-Eye to Havre de Grace was performed at the Paramount Theatre from February 13th to 16th.

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