NYCC 2014: Marvel Animation Panel

Daniella Klayman ’17 / Emertainment Monthly Contributor

The Marvel Animation Panel at New York Comic Con was full of advanced screenings so exclusive that they gave their security night-vision goggles to spot phones in the crowd. Really, they simply showed just a few clips and one episode, but it’s a secret, so Shh!

Jeph Loeb, the Head of Television for Marvel, told us a bit about what clips we we’re going to see before they showed, but provided very little other information and didn’t take any questions.

The first clip was from an upcoming episode of “Marvel Avengers Assemble” in which Captain America fights Bucky, the Winter Soldier, on a rocket-missile, with the aid of the other Avengers. He didn’t mention when the episode would be airing, so look out for it in Season Two!

The next clip was from the Third season of “Ultimate Spider-Man” and, like most of Marvel-verse, it is crossover heavy. First it was Ultimate Spider-Man meets Spider-man 2099, then in a separate clip Ultimate Spider-Man meets Spider-Girl due to a crystal and parallel universes. They did include a quick joke about cosplay in the clip, which went over well with the NYCC crowd.

Finally the clips ended and we were shown a full episode of “Hulk and the Agents of SMASH.” It wouldn’t be Marvel without crossover, so this episode was “Hulk and the Agents of SMASH meets the Guardians of the Galaxy”. This was possibly the most confused episode of any show I’ve ever seen. First, Hulk and the rest of his team are lost in space when their distress call is answered by the rest of the Avengers, and are brought to another planet. But of course it’s not the Avengers but Skrulls in disguise.

Then the Guardians show up and the Hulks think the Guardians are Skrulls and the Guardians think the Hulks are Skrulls and then they sort it out but then some of the Hulks really are Skrulls, and then they throw in a Fantastic Four reference. Was that really confusing? Because that’s not even the end of it, and I won’t spoil any more.

Finally the biggest announcement of the panel was divulged; “Guardians of the Galaxy, the Animated Series” is officially in production. They shows an extremely short clip and didn’t say anything about it other than that it will exist. We can expect some neat animation and a truckload of crossovers.

All of Marvel’s currently airing animated series can be seen on Disney XD.

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