Over Played: Actors Who Got Played Out Of Their Speeches

Lily Rugo ’18 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

The Oscars have a lot to pack into only a few hours air time: the opening monologue, musical numbers, guest appearances, movie clips, and of course clever little comedy bits.

So that means that the winners of the evening have to keep speeches quick. Don’t face plant, don’t start crying, it’s not asking much. Thank their families, their cast and crew, their agents, get off stage. But of course not every Academy award winner gets the message.

Thanks to The Huffington Post, here’s a list of past winners who got the hook— or heard the music play— as their acceptance speeches went too long.

Michael Caine 2000 (5:49) 

Halle Berry 2002 (5:38)

Al Pacino 1993 (5:11)

Adrien Brody 2003 (5:06) 

Jamie Foxx 2005 (5:02) 

Matthew McConaughey 2014 (4:30) 

Gwyneth Paltrow 1998 (4:20)

Cate Blanchett 2014 (4:15)

Sally Field 1985 (3:50)

Tom Hanks 1994  (3:49)

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