If The Boot Fits: Converse Rubber Tracks Announces Epic 5 Day Residency

Anna Marketti ’17 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer
With a freshly burgeoning music scene, Boston isn’t quite yet a frontrunner on the concert front. Quirky and catchy DIY bands keep sprouting up, though, pushing the #Strong city further and further up, closing in on the ranks. And few have even made names for themselves nationwide- including Emerson’s own Passion Pit. And yet, despite the flourishing creative young community held within the multi-college walls that make up Boston, a proper festival hasn’t really placed its footholds. Boston Calling has claimed the spotlight as it expands yearly, but it’s still in its fledgling stages.
The popular shoe brand Converse has been putting in efforts to spotlight up and coming artists in its free “Rubber Tracks” concert series that’s been ongoing for a few years now. The series is sponsored by the company’s recording studio based in Brooklyn, which places focus on talented new artists. And in the past, we’ve seen groups like Dan Deacon, Deafheaven, and Ra Ra Riot grace some of Boston’s finest concert venues. But brace yourselves for the most recent Rubber Tracks lineup announcement –
The Replacements, The Descendents, Slayer, Passion Pit, and Chance the Rapper…to name a few.
That’s right– all these plus some equally savory supporting acts, including Dinosaur Jr., King Tuff, and Action Bronson, will be staking out The Sinclair for a five-night residency starting April 27th and lasting through May 1st. The concert series has certainly established a name for itself in the past with attractive lineups at the cost of nothing, but Converse have outdone themselves this time. Was it mentioned that this is free?
Since these shows boast incredible talent, and it spans five nights, tickets will be released via a lottery system. Though still free, the system is to ensure all fans have a fair shot at attending the show of their choice. Upon entering, you’ll be able to select your two top choices of shows. They’ll begin accepting entries on the 20th (happy Marathon Monday!) through the 23rd. Winners will be notified promptly. Entries can be made here.
Check out the full schedule below, and good luck!
The Replacements
Dinosaur Jr.
The Young Leaves
Passion Pit
Radclyffe Hall
Chance the Rapper
Action Bronson
Michael Christmas
King Tuff
Bent Shapes

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