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It’s time to mark your calendars with all the web events coming up this year! We have compiled a list of some of the major upcoming events to get all your Youtube and internet info.The list is broken it down to three categories; Conventions where you can meet your favorite creators and fans, Events from award shows to summits, and Book Releases the new big thing for YouTube creators to branch off to. As always with the internet new events come up on the blink of the eye, creators announce tours and live shows at a random accord. We’ll keep you updated with all the latest events!


What better thing to do this summer than to cue up in line to meet your favorite creator, or sit in on a Q&A with the biggest vloggers! 


When: July 23-25

Where: Anaheim, California

Price Range: $100-600

For the 6th year in a row the convention started by Hank and John Green, of vlogbrothers fame will feature over 300 creators and anticipates over 20,000 attendees! If you are not familiar Vidcon features panels, meet & greats, expo hall, and tons of cool events from concerts, to proms, to fan favorite Disney Day across the street in Disneyland when the event ends! This year Vidcon will have three ticket tracks including, Industry for access to the business portions of the event, Community track which provides access to all the fun fan offerings, and new this year the Creator track which provides online video makers access to workshops, panels, and open discussions, the only down side is not providing access to the signing hall! Also coming to the event will be the fan premiere of Smosh: The Movie!


When: August 7-9

Where: Austin, Texas

Price Range: $30-450

Hosted by Rooster Teeth this convention is intended to celebrate the internet and gaming! With tons of exhibitors, live events on the Gaming Center Stage, panels, and activities. Tickets for RTX are sold based on the number of days you plan to attend, and they also have VIP access tickets which offer priority access to panels, signings, and an exclusive lounge. Another cool addition this year will be Artists Alley where artists looking to sell video game inspired pieces will be featured!

Summer in the City

When: August 14-16

Where: London, England

Price Range: £25-60

For those across the pond, Summer in the City is the largest Youtube convention and a must attend! Since its start in 2009 the event has continued to grow offering panels, performances, meet & greets, an expo hall and tons of other fun activities for creators and fans alike. The event may change a little as a few of the largest UK Vloggers will no longer be attending, but that does not mean there is not still plenty of awesome creators attending, like DanisnotonFire, Charlieissocoollike, and KickthePj!

Vlogger Fair

When: August 22 

Where: Seattle, Washington

Price Range: $35-100

Started by Seattle native and vlogger Chris Pirillo this event is intended to be a more relaxed take on the traditional convention while still focusing on connecting fans with their favorite vlog stars. This year Vlogger Fair will also beholding a sister event, so to speak, the Friday before called Vlogger’s Day. Vlogger’s Day is focusing on generating collaboration and opportunities to learn about the industry and branding for creators. This, like Vlogger fair, is intended to be a more relaxed take on the industry aspects seen at most conventions.

Playlist Live

When: September 4-6, 2015 & April 22-24, 2016

Where: DC & Florida

Price Range: $100-250

Playlist Live has two-three day conventions, the main and longest running one is in Orlando, Florida and new this fall will be their convention in Washington D.C. Playlist events are smaller scale versions of Vidcon but on the east coast. Playlist often hosts many of the same creators each year as Vidcon. However, the event is definitely centered on fans, with only one day dedicated to industry (Friday).

Amity Fest

When & Where: TBA UK

Amity Fest is definitely the new kid on the block after having its first event just last year! Amity was started by some of the most popular UK and South African vloggers, Alfie Deyes, Zoe Sugg, Joe Sugg, Marcus Butler, Niomi Smart, Louise Pentland, Casper Lee, Tanya Burr, and Jim Chapman. Following a negative experience they had at previously mentioned Summer in the City they decided to turn it around create their own event. Little is currently known of the next event as they are polling on location for their next event. We do know that the UK vlogger super squad has met more often lately so expect to hear more soon!


Sometimes the web does professional things IRL…crazy right?


The Streamy Awards

When: September 17

Where: On VH1

The Streamy Awards is the number one award show for online video makers, a very niche group as you might guess. Hosted last year by 2/3 of the holy trinity, Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart, the Streamy Awards had to top themselves and they definitely will! For the first time The Streamys will be shown live on VH1 and not live streamed somewhere that never fully loads so you watch a grainy blob make an acceptance speech. The Streamy credits this move to tv to ” the 4th Annual Streamy Awards garner[ing] more than 7 million views on YouTube, three worldwide trending topics on Twitter, and 2.8 million Vine loops in 24 hours, driving more engagement than the top TV shows airing that night.” Hopefully they will bring more hilarious hosts to this highly anticipated show!

Digital Content NewFronts

When: TBA 2016

Having just finishing their eighth and largest convention for companies to announce their plans for online video in the coming year the plans for 2016 are already being discussed. This year featured Youtube, AOL, Yahoo, Fullscreen, Buzzfeed Motion Pictures, and 30 more major companies. While this event is not intended for fans often some major announcements are made and often top creators speak to generate some buzz with advertisers.

The Shorty Awards

When: TBA 2016

The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media, recognizing the people and organizations producing content on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and the rest of the social web. The show happens each April in New York City and is live streamed around the world. This differs from the Streamys in that the awards are not just for video content, but internet creators as a whole.

Book Releases: 

It’s the next big thing for Youtubers, here’s what you should be looking out for!

Selp Helf

Selp HelfBy Miranda Sings

Release: July 21 

In what the description calls “a decidedly unhelpful…’how to’ guide” Queen of Youtube Miranda Sings will offer fans life lessons and tutorials to achieve her sassy singing start status. Since it went up for preorder it has stayed on the Amazon best seller list and was at number one for over a week. It’s bound to climb back to the top for its late July release!


Hello Life!

Hello Life!

By Marcus Butler

Release: July 28 

Marcus Butler plans to share his positive attitude with the world in his how to guide, Hello Life! In it Marcus gives insight on being healthy, dating, surviving life crises, and achieving the life you want. Inspiring each sections are tales from Marcus’ own life and advice based on how he tackles whatever life throws at him!


Sprinkle of Glitter 2016 Diary: Have the Best Year of Your Life!

Louise Diary

By Louise Pentland

Release: August 6

Louise Peatland is raring into authorship, her inspirational diary is the first of two books she will be releasing this year. In her 2016 Diary not only can you fill out weekly thoughts, but you can find motivational messages, checklist, makeup tips, recipe ideas, and more fun things from Louise!



Usern@me: Evie


By Joe Sugg

Release: September 10

Seems like Youtube isn’t the only thing that runs in the Sugg family. Joe Sugg, or ThatcherJoe online, is following in sister Zoe Sugg’s steps and is putting out his first ever book, but it’s quite a bit different. Joe will be showing off his artistic side in this graphic novel Usern@me: Evie.


Life with a Sprinkle Of Glitter

Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter

By Louise Pentland

Release: September 15

For her second book of the year Louise gives Sprinklerinos a glimpse into her glittery life. “Divided into four sections: Glitz, Create, Need to Knows and All About Love, you’ll find all my little tips and tricks, stories and insights and nuggets of advice,” writes Louise “I want to show you how I find so much joy and enrichment in my life and how you can do it too, with just a Sprinkle of Glitter.”


The Amazing Book is Not on Fire: The World of Dan and Phil 

Dan & Phil

By Dan Howell and Phil Lester

Release: October 13

Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil are pairing up like they do best for their new book. In an effort to share more of their lives, the duo has chosen to write a behind the scenes book providing us more cringe worthy fails from Dan to excerpts from Phil’s teenage diary. The boys create a hilarious story that lets you know that it’s okay to be weird or as they would so eloquently put it, “The cat whiskers come from within!”




By Tyler Oakley

Release: October 20

Tyler Oakley is jumping into the world of Youtube authors with Binge. Binge is described as a “collection of witty, personal, and hilarious essays.” This book is sure to make you laugh and give you some new insights into Oakley’s internet savvy mind. Though an official cover is not yet released the temporary cover should give you an idea of what to expect from Oakley!


Girl Online 2 (Title TBA)

Girl Online 2

By Zoe Sugg

Release: October 27

Zoe Sugg, or better known as Youtube’s Zoella, is back with a sequel to her first novel, Girl Online. Zoe has dropped a few hints about the next book in her vlogs, but little has been released about book two. There is no official title or cover yet, and all the description gives is “Find out what happens to your favorite characters Penny, Noah and Elliot in the stunning sequel to Girl Online.”


Grace & Style: The Art of Pretending You Have It
By Grace Helbig

Release: February 2, 2016

Grace and Style

This is Grace Helbig’s second book, and it’s sure to feature just as much humor and quirk as the first. This time Grace is sharing her knowledge on how to be a fashion forward adults. Helbig writes, “I LOVE fashion and style as much as the next lady, man, or French bulldog, but telling people how they should look doesn’t suit me. I know I have no authority in that department (I barely even shop in department stores). Instead, this is a look at my own silly and yet practical approach to style (don’t worry, I’ve already been restricted to no more than two chapters on sweatpants).” Unfortunately the release date was pushed back from its initial October release to February 2016 to account for Helbig’s hectic schedule.

Any other major Youtube or Internet events coming up? Share in the comments down below!

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