Top 5 Series to Re-read Over the Summer

Amanda McHugh ‘18 / Emertainment Monthly Executive Publisher

Whether you’re relaxing at the beach, on a plane, or just chilling at home, everyone loves a good summer read to sit down with. Summertime is a perfect time to start a series with all the spare time to actually finish the series. So here are the top 5 series (no trilogies here!) to re-read, or read for the first time, that can get your summer reading started!

  1. The Chronicles of Narnia series
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    The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis

Summertime is a perfect time for nostalgia, so why not whip out The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, and make it to the seventh book of the series, The Last Battle. The books are fantastical, filled with adventure, and an all around exciting read. Moreover, most people don’t even realize there are seven books in the series, so impress your friends by summarizing the entity of the series instead of the first two books! The story follows what the title suggests, adventures in Narnia, specifically with four English children, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy, who become the Kings and Queens of Narnia. Even though the series if seven books, each one isn’t too long and wouldn’t take too much time to read. While a week may not be enough for some, within a month and a half or so a relaxing reader would be able to finish them.

  1. The Last Survivors Series
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    The Last Survivors by Susan Beth Pfeffer

With its opening novel Life as We Knew It, this series follows teenager Miranda Evans when the entire world changes for good. Due to a meteor hitting the moon, the moon moves closer to the Earth changing ocean currents, volcanic activity, and weather altogether. If you’re a fan of dystopian type novels, this series is definitely for you! While the first books don’t deal with actual dystopian characteristics—like the government causing chaos—it is a different take of how the world can fall apart. And, surprisingly enough, it’s not human’s fault this time (or at least in one instance it isn’t, guess you’ll have to read and find out!). This series only have four novels, so if you’re looking for a good series that isn’t ten books long, this one may be your summer read probably taking about a month and a half to read.

  1. A Series of Unfortunate Events
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    A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler)

Under his pen name Lemony Snicket, real name Daniel Handler has created a thirteen books series that has captured the eye of many, and will soon be added to Netflix Original Programming. So to prepare the series, re-read the series now when you have time! Don’t be ashamed that the series is made for ‘children’ or ‘young adults.’ While intended for children, the series is one a child can grow up with, and learn from. The Baudelaire children go through some terrible, and scary stuff while also dealing with adult concepts. Also, re-reading a series as an adult, rather than a child, you may realize more intricate storylines, innuendos, and details that you wouldn’t have understood as a kid. If you have any youngsters in your life, this would be a great series to start with them too. A first time read for them, and perhaps a second time read for you. Reading with someone else with a different perspective may also bring to light different angles on the same, beloved series. Depending if you’re reading alone or with a friend, this series is still lengthy with its thirteen novels. Put aside two months to pace yourself through this one.

  1. Harry Potter Series
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    Harry Potter by JK Rowling

What list cannot include Harry Potter these days? Harry Potter is a perfect series to re-read over with the new books in the Harry Potter universe coming out this fall. Freshen up your mind of the riveting adventure of Harry and his infamous friends, Ron and Hermione, fight he-who-shall-not-be-named. While re-reading a series favorite a fan can pick up more nuances, characterization, and details they may not have noticed on the first read. Moreover, seeing foreshadowing and signs before something happens is always exciting to find too. The series also has enough novels that if paced correctly can take you a summer to read. So why stop at the original seven novels? The books that Harry reads in the series are now available, like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  Engulf your mind in the world of wizards and witches in more ways than one! The books start off easier and advance through the series, so depending on your reading level and length of reading may vary. Though a good month and a half would probably take most to finish them.

A Song of Ice and Fire Series
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1.A Song of Fire and Ice by George RR Martin

A Song of Fire and Ice, or more commonly referred to as Game of Thrones, consists of 5 (and counting) novels of over 800 pages each. While it’s a lengthy read, the books are definitely worth it. The story follows an alternate universe where a fight for the Iron Throne may mean death for some. Made popular by its HBO television show, the books differ ever so slightly, but add more character, depth, and intensity to the storyline. Moreover, the reader learns more about the inner thoughts of all their favorite characters, and can enjoy the series from a different perspective. Though the last two novels aren’t out yet, fans can still enjoy A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords, A Feast for Crows, and A Dance of Dragons now with the last two novels coming out with the next two years. Though don’t worry about the last two not being out yet, with the length of these novels, you may need two summers to finish all of them. Realistically, this is a summer read that will take the entire summer, so be prepared!

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