Nintendo Series That Should Come to the Switch

Brandon Ratcliff ’20 / Emertainment Monthly Assistant Video Games Editor

With the ever growing popularity of the Switch, it spells the end for other Nintendo systems like the 3DS and the Wii U. Soon enough these systems will become obsolete like previous incarnations of current systems. But just because certain gaming systems go out of their prime, doesn’t mean the games that we played in them do. There are plenty of games that came out on older systems like the DS and Wii that should make a comeback on the Nintendo Switch. In no particular order, this list is comprised of older games that Nintendo fans would love to see make a return on the Switch.

1. Super Mario Galaxy / Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy
Image Creds: Nintendo

Super Mario Galaxy was revolutionary as a 3D Mario game. It introduced new mechanics characters, and power ups into the Mario universe. The Comet Observatory was a beautiful home base that allowed you to interact with different areas of the ship. It even gave some backstory to the space princess Rosalina and how she became the mother of Lumas. Besides that, it introduced stunning worlds like the Bee world, Manta Ray surfing, and Junk World. The Switch controllers would also work perfectly with the controls. It launched recurring character such as Rosalina and Captain Toad. While Mario Odyssey was a fantastic Mario game for the Switch, seeing the comeback of the 2007 fan favorite and its sequel definitely wouldn’t upset anyone.


2. Wii Sports / Wii Sports Resort

Wii Sports Resort
Image Creds: Nintendo

Wii Sports was the game we all started the Wii with in 2006. That game created many iconic moments in the life of the Wii. People to this day still enjoy playing all the iconic games that come with it. With just a five sports the game created so much fun for people of all ages. A few years later in 2009, Nintendo came out with Wii Sports Resort  and continued the sports excitement. Resort brought back the bowling and added other fun games like table tennis, swordplay, and air sports. They also created a whole island that made the player feel a sense of exploration and connectivity between the island and the activities. If the Switch were to re-release or reinvent these series, they would surely see a lot of Wii fans purchasing out of pure nostalgia.



3. Mario Party

Mario Party 10                          Image Creds: Nintendo

The Switch is in dire need of more classic multiplayer games. With Super Smash Bros on the way, Nintendo will have huge success with the multiplayer format. However, Smash Bros is a fighting game that not everyone can play well. Mario Party is one of those games that everyone can play and everyone can enjoy. The Mario Party series not only gives players the thrill of competing against friends in a board game format, but also the randomized fun that comes from the mini games. It would be easier for more people to play as well with Switch controllers being two per set. Nintendo could potentially sell a lot of family multiplayer games like they used to on previous consoles. Re-releasing a Mario Party or making a new one altogether could be a great move for them and for us.


4. The Legend of Zelda

Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker Image Creds: Nintendo

There is no denying the power of the Zelda series. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild kick started the Switch as the only main title series the Switch had until Mario Odyssey. But now that Breath of the Wild has moved out of the spotlight, it sparked passions for the Zelda series that fans haven’t felt for a while. Wind Waker would not only look beautiful on the Switch and the gameplay would be enhanced with motion controls. Twilight Princess could also utilize the Switch controller motion controls and give an experience similar to that on the Wii. Now, while fans are still thinking about the series, would be a great time to release past Zelda games like Twilight Princess and Wind Waker for the new system.



5. Pokémon

Pokemon Colosseum
Image Creds: Nintendo

Alright, we all know that Pokemon is one of the main driving forces of Nintendo. With all of the Pokemon games being on previous Nintendo systems, it’s only going to get harder for fans to continue to play older Pokemon games. There are many types Pokemon games with most of them being for the DS series, but there have been side games on the Gamecube and Wii. Nintendo has already shown the ability to re-release Pokemon games on the 3DS with the comeback of  Pokemon Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal. With seven generations of main and side games, Nintendo has an arsenal of games to choose from. If anything, the return of the main series games would delight fans the most. It would mean the world to the many Pokemon fans across the world if they could play the older games on the Switch.

While this is a hefty list, its not a stretch for Nintendo to re-release games. In fact, so many of the games the Switch started with were re-released games. Pokken, Mario Kart 8, and Splatoon were all games for the Wii U. It is unlikely that we will see all of these games come over to the Switch. But being able to continuously enjoy these games would bring a lot of nostalgia for older Nintendo fans and new gaming experiences for newer players. So Nintendo, do us all a favor and give us our favorite games on the Switch!


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