RAYE’s New “Escapism.” Remix

Lara Gandour ‘27 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

UK artist RAYE released a much-anticipated remix of her hit song “Escapism.” in early February. “Escapism.” was RAYE’s first UK #1 single and she initially teased a “4 a.m.” version in a TikTok video posted to her Instagram back in December 2022. 

With over 730 million streams on Spotify, her song “Escapism.” went viral and has now released two other versions: a sped-up version, and the newest, a 4 a.m. remix that takes a more mellow tone. Throughout these versions, there is an interesting differentiation in tempo and tone providing each song with a unique spin on the single. 

RAYE’s newest remix includes a few lyric changes from the original in the first verse to “It’s 4 a.m. and my dress is missin’ / And I don’t know the name of the man I’m kissin’ / Put another pink pill in the drink I’m sippin’ / Did you pop one too? Cause you must be trippin’.” Her vocals, along with the production quality, offer a view into the song as if it was 4 a.m. While “Escapism.” is an upbeat dance-pop track that evokes high-energy emotions of anger and heartbreak throughout, as if it was being experienced in that very moment during the night, the 4 a.m. version conveys a somber, reflective feeling within listeners. 

“Escapism.” truly is an escape from the emotional reconciling fazed by distractions in a whirlwind of chaos whereas the new remix causes a calming dread in reflection while implementing a few softer electro beats. Her lyric changes also showcase the mood contrasts in the different remixes along with her slower vocals. 

“Escapism. (4 a.m. remix)” has been long awaited for RAYE fans, and now fans of the original single can experience the range she holds as an artist. 

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