FLO’s “Walk Like This” Release

Lara Gandour ‘27 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

FLO is a UK R&B girl group with three members: Jorja, Renée, and Stella. They gained attention from their most popular songs “Fly Girl (feat. Missy Elliott)” released a year ago, and “Cardboard Box” as their debut single about 2 years ago. The group is inspired by R&B and hip-hop in the 90s and early 2000s with artists such as Amy Winehouse and Aaliyah. Their newest song “Walk Like This” was released on March 8th, followed by a music video a week later. Within only a few weeks the song has over 4 million streams on Spotify and the video has almost 2 million views on YouTube. 

The music video is in a minimalist style, with only a few settings filled with a fair amount of white space. One includes the singers with a few other girls as background dancers. The fashion throughout the video adds to their modern style, combining biker chic with city-girl outfits. Leather is a primary part of the looks ranging from knee-high boots to belts to merge these styles together. Each girl has their own look, adding to the confidence of the song in spreading body positivity and overall female confidence in their unique styles. The group themselves, throughout all their songs, emphasize the energy of being “that girl” in connection to women and their relation to their own confidence and romantic partners. The most replayed part of the music video is the chorus. Some of the lyrics to the chorus are “There’s a reason I walk like this (I walk!) / Side to side with a sway in my hip (sway sway).”

“Walk Like This” has continued to gain attention from fans while awaiting the release of FLO’s debut album. In the meantime, fans can see FLO perform at a few more festivals in 2024 including Coachella and Lollapalooza!

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