Maggie Rogers is Back; Don’t Forget Her

Francesca Rico ‘27 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Indie sensation Maggie Rogers, released her new single “Don’t Forget Me,” serving as the lead single to her upcoming album with the same name, set to release April 12, 2024. The new track comes almost two years after the singer’s release of her 2022 album Surrender.

“Don’t Forget Me” details the romantic relationships of the songwriter’s friends as she compares them to her own. In the verses, Rogers describes her friends who are deeply in love. She then contrasts this with her own love life in the chorus of the song, where she asks for “a good lover or someone that’s nice to me.” She then asks this potential “lover” to not forget her, seen in the song’s title.

The song takes the listener through the mind of someone who hopes for love as they see it blossom around them in the lives of others but cannot seem to find it in their own life. Despite not having this love, the singer still remains hopeful as she sings, “maybe there’s a stranger, standing, holding out for love / just waiting on the next street / just for me.” After this, the music fades and the listener is left to think of the hope in the line “just for me,” right before the music picks up again and Rogers sings the final chorus. The singer is a hopeful daydreamer as she asks to be remembered.

“Don’t Forget Me” is unlike Rogers’ previous album, which explored more electronic-rock sounds. The new track steps away from the dance-able element Rogers typically incorporates in her music, and leans more towards the instrumental. With this, the singer has been able to produce more of an indie-rock sound. The melancholy guitars that build up momentum with the drums into the chorus pair well with the lyrics and Rogers’ vocals as she belts her wishes to the listener.

Rogers closes the song with the chorus as she repeats the line “don’t forget me” twice as the instrumental in the background slows.

The lead single serves as a glimpse of what is to come in Rogers’ third album.

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