Emertainment Monthly is Emerson College’s official entertainment magazine. Covering film, television, music, theater, video games, comic books, books, web and more; Emertainment brings writers together to report entertainment news and critically review and analyze the entertainment industry.
The purpose of Emertainment Monthly is to bring together students of various disciplines, to create a community of artists and critics, to facilitate excellence in writing and communication in an endeavor to provide the Emerson community a reputable outlet of creative, critical, and analytical expression. We aim to create a professional environment, recognized by both Emerson and media corporations, to provide unique opportunities beyond the classroom that foster capability, confidence, and experience.
Founded in Sept. 2012 by Shannon O’Connor, Emertainment Monthly is Emerson College’s only official magazine dedicated to everything entertainment. Emertainment Monthly will keep a fully functioning website up to date with the latest news in entertainment. Thank you for reading Emertaiment Monthly!

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